Substance Painter Training...


Although this starts in Maya, Cinema 4D folks can follow along with just using the provided FBX and using the exports from allegorithmics documentation to head back and render in Cinema 4D.


This looks great! Really interesting.

Can I ask one question though? (I’m prepared for a barrage of laughs, rolled eyes and pointed fingers)

What is the difference between Designer and Painter? Is Designer where you create your Substance textures and Painter where you apply them? Is that right? Sorry for the stupid question but I’ve never really looked at these even though I probably should.


Yeah, Designer is a node-based substance shader builder, and Painter is a layer-based painting app. You can build a substance in Designer and then import it using the bridge in C4D, where with Painter it’s more like Mari, where you create detail, grime, decals etc and then import that as texture maps into a C4D material

There’s a stack of good beginner’s learning material over at Allegorithmic that you don’t ned to pay for.


Thanks for the clarification, Darth.


I couldn’t get my head round Designer, but Painter is very cool and quite fun to use.


I might be interested in training like this at some point. Did have a few thoughts…

  1. 16 hours of training. Wow. I didn’t think there was that much learning content required w/those apps. And that’s just “Volume I”? LOL
  2. I’d be more tempted if there were a few sample sections

The Allegorithmic trainer Wes McDermott certainly is articulate but for whatever reason…his tutorials drive me nuts. He seems to like taking circuitous routes from point A to point B and gets really long-winded at times. His manner grates on me. It’s probably me and not him.


Here’s a free video sample from the training…

My training is more lock-step and to the point. Painter is in desperate need of lock-step training and I felt I could fill the gap. Most training online is very non-directional and when it comes to painter/designer, the best training is linear lock-step.



It’s obvious you know the program, including the nooks and crannies. Thanks for demo! If I was using Painter a lot I probably wouldn’t think twice.