Substance painter proceedural noises 3d and 2d limited size out of the box bad tiling clearly visible


Hi cgers
substance painter all proceedural noises 3d and 2d cannot do small size out of the box,

( i can hear the howls, as substance clearly as a package substance “designer” produces good textures, but
that doesnt excuse, substance “painter” issues"

Why exactly can’t the program create a seamless non tiling small size noise, ie for any surface height/bump
out of the box, doesnt matter which proceedural noise you use, they ALL have a LIMITED scale slider usually 64 scale size 2 is the smallest setting, only a couple have sliders to 512 still not small enough
(why did they set smallest scale 64…bad program design)

does substance tile uv work like a normal 3d program NO it tiles the whole 0 1 uv space not just the uvs,
same is true for triplanar option…ie uv tile 8 you see the whole 0 1 uv layout 8 times

as for its 2d proceedural noises they ALL are not seamless whats the use of that tiling clearly visible.

beneath the shiny marketing lies this whole YOU CANNOT SCALE WITHOUT VISIBLE TILING

the whole idea of proceedural noise is its infinite, apparently not in substance painter 3d 2d world,
its the size of the 01 uv layout.

smart materials look great till you realise you cant scale the noises smaller without tiling

(they went to the same school as maya, on this issue, see clearly visibile bad tiling proceedural oceans)

tested against blender 3d noise has no tiling pattern seen at any size?

fine work programmers as i coudnt anyawy


in simpler terms wanting to do in substance painter alone:

how to in substance painter changing a slider maximum setting beyond its maximum slider value


how to in substance painter exposing a parameter in substance painter ie a sliders maximum value

in the above case it was size of noise maximum value was 64, still gave big size noise, need say 2000
slider value but cant access this maximum setting.