Suborbital Fiesta


“Historical reenactment” of the first parachute jump :slight_smile:


My favourite!!!


Simply, awesome image!


Wow! impressive


WOW!! Breathtaking image. Excellent work!
Good luck to you :slight_smile:


the quality of your work is really impressive , and the interpretation of syd mead atmosphere and design is interpreted with your own style, looks really futuristic! i like the details and reflection of surfaces!


Incredible and different image.


Very cool and detailed! I really like giant planes :slight_smile:


Nice work! Pretty cool idea and execution. Should be fun for them :slight_smile:


me love big plane wow


Powerhouse Performance ;). Such an amazing effort, A post full of superlatives from me ;D.

Ace work and certainly in my top 3



Thanx guys for nice comments! Funny thing is, i almost did not sumbit this. In the middle of the competetion i started to work on next image for this contest and completetely forgot about it :slight_smile:


awesome work mate… good luck


:applause:This is one of my favorites. Although I don’t see the whole airplane, the image is just beautiful! Good luck!


Wow! Fabulous image. Browsing through the entries this is the first one that stopped me in my tracks.


Wow thats bananas!


Really nice work


My favourite too. Excellent work.


thanx guys for positive comments, really appreciate it!


Wow, I thought I’d seen all the entries, but somehow missed this one. Completely and utterly awesome. Again, big question mark as to why some of these didn’t place in the finals, but whatever.

BTW, I only found this because they linked to the contest over at Concept Ships: