subobject selection conversion behavior suddenly changed


OK i feel like im going crazy here, but ive been using the Subobject Convert Edge action under Ribbon - Modeling to convert a face selection to a edge selection for years, and its ALWAYS been just the edges at the border of the face selection.

Now suddenly its selecting all edges that are on the faces that are selected… I dont know what Ive done to make it do that, but it would be real grand if i could somehow turn it back.

Any ideas?


If you hold down SHIFT when converting it selects only the outlining edges, if you hold down STRG it selects all edges of the selected polygons.
Is that what you meant?


no its a bespoke action for converting, i know the shift/ctrl modifier options but thats not what its about, i have the conversion directly bound to a single hotkey.

the action in question can be found in the customize UI in the Ribbon - Modeling group under the name Subobject Convert Edge