And the winner is…




It’s getting close to the deadline and all of the entries are looking fantastic.

if you want to submit an entry to be considered, please read the following notes…

  1. Submission time is Midnight where you are. Please be honest with this.

  2. Mari screenshots are fine. Renders are great too. Please treat it like a showreel, so 3 or 4 great images are better than 20 ok ones. There is not fixed limit, but bear in mind we want to see both technical details and eye-candy.

  3. Please post results in this thread, one post per submission. Also include a link to any WIP thread you’ve been running.

  4. We will be picking the finalists and will be posting results in this thread and PM’ing winners.

  5. Finalists will then be given 1 week to polish and render their final submissions.

  6. We will setup an ftp site and winners will be expected to upload an Mari archive of their project.

  7. Overall winner will be decided from their final renders and by checking out the archive.

Good luck and I really have been blown away by the quality of the submissions.



Due to Time crunch I am forced to submit this. Little bit of more time would have helped me to finish this a lot better. Anyways I am happy to be a part of this great challenge and also to learn Mari which I feel was a wonderful experience. Also this was the first time I am texturing without touching Photoshop.
All the best to everyone…:slight_smile:

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

WIP link[u]



Here’s my submission!

By j_alfort at 2011-03-07

By j_alfort at 2011-03-07

By j_alfort at 2011-03-07

By j_alfort at 2011-03-07

It’s been great working with Mari!
Best of luck to everyone!

WIP Thread:

EDIT: This is not a resubmission or anything, but I notice the images are really small here and they can’t be linked, it would appear I can’t handle Imageshack 100%. Anyways, here’s a link to my images, starting from image 1, then click next till you get to final_stage_01_005 so you guys can see them in bigger format!
Also if anybody can help me create the real links that would be awesome, please PM. me if you can!


hi it almost midnight in uk and here is my submission still i feel needs more polishing

here are the render and best of luck to all the contestants has been great working on this challenge with all the help full people really enjoyed working

Here is my link to the wip page

first up is a full body render just with a diffused lights and just the colour maps on lambart

now with some harsh lighting

close up

Almost all asset have the following maps here is example of head

Had a great time working on this challange


It was fun working and discovering mari.
As usual, i wish there was more time to get things done.
link to my wip thread
great work everyone and good luck!

kind regards,


Here is my submission!

Sorry,I have forgot link to my WIP thread,This is not additional images.
My WIP thread is here.

Good luck everyone!

Kind regards,

Teruyuki Ishikawa


What a great program.

link to WIP thread

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Wip Link :


my submission
more images are at my wip as
i am past the size limit and dont want to create a secound
post in here :slight_smile:



Hi all, here is my submission. I wish i had more time to tweak and render!! If I get time I’d like to render from behind and show the scarf and cape…

Here is a link to my wip thread:

Maps used and painted for these renders: color, dispFine, dispMidLevel, specular, specRoughness, specColor, transparency, reflectance, and gloss.


Hi all,

Well, out of time… here is my final submission. It’s been a fun contest except for the extreme lack of sleep towards the end. haha

Here is the link to the WIP thread:


My last minute entry…Deskin


Because of the problem I mentioned before I was unable to submit the final materials, but I managed to put together WIP textures from an earlier backup, and make a render of that.


Having consulted an expert panel of industry veterans I’m pleased to announce the finalists for the Mari texturing contest.

First off thank you to everyone who took part. We were blown away by the entries and the great feedback we got.

The finalists in alphabetical order are…


Well done to everyone else!

Finalists, you have one week to polish, render and detail your entries.

We’ll be giving some feedback and comments.

Next Friday evening is the final submission time and we will be picking an overall winner.



Congratulations guys, looking forward to the final submissions!


Congratulations Finalists!!
I am looking forward to who will win,and all of final submissions.
Good luck!


Hey Finalists!

First off, love the work posted here! It’ll be loads of fun to see where we all are one week from now.

If any of your are interested in using my light rig and shader setup, I’ve placed my maya scene in this folder:

Feel free to use it or whatevs…note it might be a little messy, but I’ve got shaders in there setup for SSS, leather, metal, glass, wetness, cloth, etc. This is a Maya 2011 x64 scene. Let me know if somethings missing and I’ll be happy to help out. I’m also planning on setting up co-shaders for blood, sweat, and dirt and if there’s any interest I’ll gladly post those as well.

Thanks guys!


Cheers! That is very kind of you. Good luck to all and i look forward to seeing all the rendered results.


Really amazing submissions, good luck from me aswell, looking forward to see the polished version since the unpolished is sick from everyone already! very inspireing!

Also aquafat, I took the liberty to download your scene to learn how you set it up, hope thats okay!

Best of luck to everyone!