SubDs and Polys out of Whack


Just started messing around with SubDs today and have been tweaking verts on a scorpion carapace. I began with a poly cage but after getting the basic form down I went to standard mode to sculpt the details. Now I want to begin bringing out the forelegs/pincer arms and I find the polys got left behind. How can I go about bringing the poly cage back in line with the subD shape so I can start extruding the intersegmental membranes and leg segments?


subdividing your cage is pretty much your only option… your cage doesn’t have enough geometry to support the subd details.

As a side note- why extrude directly from the carapice for the legs and whatnot, you could easily get away with just modeling them separately on a semi-hard organic surface like a scorpion


I just went ahead and started it over. It’s not that much work and I can always use the practice. I tried sudividing the cage and it went all out of whack. But it’s a lesson learned.

I will definitely do the tail and legs separately now. cheers!


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