subdivision surfaces?


I’m very new to XSI and Softimage. However, I’ve been into 3D for quite a while. I’m used to using subdivision surfaces for modeling (where a rough cage controlls an underlying high-res mesh), but I’m having troubles using this in XSI.

When I Create the default Woman figure I can enter Geometry Approximation in highten the subdivision level - but why can’t I use this on my own models? When I create a sphere, I can’t enter the Geometry Approximation from the Edit >> Properties >> Rendering properties window. It just isn’t there!!

Can someone please enlighten me on this subject - have I gone completey wrong?


Did you create a nurbs sphere or a polygon sphere ?
Subd can only be applied on polygons…

Anyway, instead of going to this menu, try the numeric pad keys + and - to increase and decrease subd.


Thanks alot!! I WAS using polys - dunno what was is going on. But the + /- thing works just fine!


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