Subdivision question (smooth preview, arnold..)


Hi !
I was wondering what is the best way to subdivid objects. To model something circle for exemple:
-Should I make it with the less subdivisons I can, and count on the subdivision with Arnold catclark ? (like juste having a cube, that become a sphere with catclark subdivision)
-Or should I make it with a loooot of edges loops and subdivisions myself and add no catclark subdivision ?

I’m asking because I hear that I should always use arnold subdivision, but I also heard that my object should look almost tha same before this subdivision and after. But I have NO IDEA why ?

Don’t know if I was very clear. Hope i’ll find some answers, thanks for reading !


Why not both?

Good for bend/shaping things while modelling IMO. You can always remove loops you dont need later.

You could also just add loops where you need and/or chamfer/bevel/fillet edges. No need to add more loops than you need from a specific distance.

Alternative 3: You could model with sub divisions in mind, so every edge basically has an additional loop or crease that determines your low poly model, and then u can sub-d for high poly giving you a good game asset or LOD. (which to answer your question should look the same as before, only ‘smoother’)