Subdividing just a part of a mesh.



Got mudbox for about a week now trying to learn it and I was wondering if I can subdivide just a part of a mesh instead of the entire model. (just above the cursor)
Some programs have this sort of thing where it just adds more polygons to stretched up parts of the mesh. Is it possible in mudbox?
Subdividing the entire mesh isn’t really possible, in the picture i’m at 10mil and subdividing again jumps to 40mil which is kinda laggy.
Or maybe if it’s possible hide the rest of the mesh where I’m not sculpting so it’s not that laggy?

Thanks in advantage.


as far as i know you have to subdivide the entire model.

  1. if you take it into Max for example you could swift loop the areas you want to subdivide. (this will keep your mesh all quads)

  2. you could also retopologize the mesh in Mudbox (recommended)

  1. if your model is in the 10 million count realm (which is extreme!) you probably skipped the bump map/displacement map approach. (mesh is just dense enough to give you the shape and structure, then you use bump or displacement maps for details.) this allows you to avoid the hi-dense model, which is also a paint to rig.


I was making a reindeer, the shape is pretty much done but at first it did not have eye sockets, so I made it, then I got to making the eyelids and encountered this problem. Any way I could select faces and extrude them?


No. Mudbox is a scultping/painting.

If you really want to extude i would export as an FBX and import into a 3d program to do that.