Subdiv Selection Performance??


Hey everyone:

Not sure if this is a software or hardware question really… :smiley:

I just recently reformatted my computer. Maya was running just fine before it. I run Maya 5.0.1.

But after all is said and done and all the drivers are reinstalled…I open up maya… and… it just isn’t running the same. Specifically- Subdivs are running REALLLLLLLLY slow. I am working on a model, and if I leave it in polys… the speed of the viewport performance in just fine. But put it in subdiv and it CHUGS. BUT! I noticed that if the subdiv object is SELECTED in the viewport, it runs much slower than if the object is still in subdiv, but NOT actually selected. Using the frame rate counter, with my subdiv object selected and rotating around the object very fast, it shows like TEN fps, but if i deselect it (but still leave it in subdivs) it hovers around 25fps. Why? I don’t ever remember this being like this before I reformatted. I mean, I know subdivs are slow, but ten frames per second? I use a quadro 980, an opteron64 248 the fastest one that is out, and a gig of ram, and ten fps? but… then faster if not selected? As far as I know I am using all of the same drivers and settings, nvidia drivers set to maya/studiotools (using 43.51) because that is what i had before the reformat. Anybody have this problem? or have a solution? insight? suggestions?

Anything would be appreciated.

ten fps… man… i mean, maybe if it was skinned or something… but just rotating ?


this happens with Maya. tough luck for us, eh?


I guess… but my biggest issue is that I don’t remember it being like that before reformatting…

I know that they have newer drivers out… has anybody had good luck with them or noticed any difference?


i’m using an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and i get the same problem. i also had this problem when i had a GeForce 2 GTS back on Maya 4


install softqudro or soft Fire GL


also delete blind datanodes if any and disable UV creation on SUb-D surfaces during modeling.


i would, but the most used program on my computer besides Maya and Photoshop is Unreal Tournament 2004, and I’m not sure how well a soft-FireGL would get along with that.


Kryoboy, how do you find either one of those things. Where would I find the blind data… and where is the option in maya 5.0.1 to disable the new uv creation with a subdiv?


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