subd modeling help??


okay, i have been using max for approx 2years or so. My work has all been with tris, now when goin to quads for subds i am totally lost. could someone give me some tips?? it’s drivin me mad, i keep thinkin triangles!! any help or tuts is/are appreciated. thanks


start with a cube. extrude/scale faces/ move points when you start.

do not triangulate, and do not add edges yet.

get the form that you want. and try to keep the mesh clean. when your done with the form for the whole character… start to divide edges. not by triangulating them . but rather by just connecting edges ( using the meshtools script )

thats pretty much it really. there isnt any special tricks to it.

[shameless self plug]on my temp page theres a link to a number of videos. you might want to check em out. it gives you an idea atleast.


If you’re doing any kind of organic work, then the poly by poly method is generally the best way. Just use a template and start building the mesh following the muscle flow and all that good stuff.

Triangles are bad! Quads are good!


um in max i would defientely have to agree with martin check out a few of his movies to give you an idea of the method hes using you may be able to find it very helpful


thank you for the assistance. man, i guess its gonna take some time, i’m so used to low poly modeling and thinkin triangles, and optimization its killin any chance for me to model subd’s :confused: i’ll keep at it. thanks for the input and the movies.


Hey cerrato,

I am pretty new to Lightwave and 3D…so I hope my question doesn’t sound too stupid.

I watched Martin-K’s video and I don’t think I can use some of the techniques he used to add detail…using Lightwave. Cerrato, your models have some really nice muscular detail. Once the basic shape of your model is roughed out…how do YOU add detail? Like abdominals and pecs. I think that I might not have a good grasp on the best and most efficient method to go about doing some of these things in Lightwave.

Anyway…I think your stuff is awesome…any help you offer will be much appreciated.



check out my video done in LW called ‘the many ways to add detail’ on it duplicates many of the techniques that martin uses but in LW.



Hey thanks Mike!

That vid was very helpful.

In the mean time the dstorm Edgetools has come out…which should make everyone’s life easier.

I know that the whole edge concept is not new to most people…especially those using Mirai, Nendo, or Meshtools…but it is new to me.

I’ll give it a go and see what I can do.

Thanks for always wanting to help a fellow Lightwaver out, Mike.



glad mike comented his vid is great ill upload a sample of how i do a model here soon if it will help sorry been sick otherwise would have replied sooner and thank you


Hey cerreto,

Sorry to hear you have been sick…everybody I know has gotten sick in the last few months…including me. Mine lasted 2 weeks.

I really would like to see how you work. On your site it says you are taking a year off just to do 3D…how awesome has that been!
I envy you bro. That would be great.

Any help you can offer would be much appreciated. Your modeling really is superior.



LOL my year just started last month and im already behind :wink: dont envy me trust me i have to give up alooot! lol plus i really dont have a ton of time even bieng out of work i only get a few hours a day solid time if im lucky to work becuase of other obligations ,

I will get those vids on my site soon as possible have to check to see if its ok for the space first though they are pretty big and thank you for your kind comments but my models are nothing special im sure anyone can do them if they just work at it youll see ! later mate


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