Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2008 concept, Lars Mårtensson (3D)


Title: Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2008 concept
Name: Lars Mårtensson
Country: Sweden
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

I designed my owne Impreza STI 2008 model, would be fun to hear what you think of it, Subaru is making a hatchback for 2008 so thats why i made it also, so comments on design and modeling/rendering are all welcome.


Very nice.
Sharp. Digging the red lined rims.


Good modeling and paint shader :slight_smile: , maybe some reflections on the right side of the car, or the roof would be better to appreciate the car lines, but thats my opinion.




very nice dessign !


thx for the comments, here´s some more renderings


Wow this car looks really good! Great clean render
and phantastic modeling! I love it! Keep it up…
4 Stars!



Its looking very nice, good color skim and details.
Looking more natural. Keep it up.

Best Regards


Looking great! I also like the red lines on the rims.

And the front looks like an evil grinning mad man… Gives the car a great attitude =)


Nice! Only thing that bugs me is the taillight colour. The red feels greyed out and clouded, and not getting that clear red transparnecy on typical cars. Otherwise everything looks great!


amazing work man


The curves make it… this is a great model and render.



solid modeling there :thumbsup: the metal thickness looks perfect. the design looks great. the headlights make it look mean. great work!

can you post wireframes please.


Amazing textures and lighting and rendering…very very good!


that is one of the most realistic 3d cars I’ve seen. The shaders are brilliant.


just great!

The Front looks a little squezed / cartoony , the rear is highly convincing!

Grid, can you say something about the Light and Material Setup ?
Did you use Reference Pictures for the Setup ? I ask just because it looks great :slight_smile:


wow, really good work. love it, 5 stars.



I’m disappointed that Subaru has decided it’s hatchbacks from here on out. My other half owns a sexy black 2006 STI, and it’s a damn shame they’re abandoning that template. Your concept is all sleek and muscular up front, but the back end makes it look like it’s tucking its butt underneath to run away from a less retarded-looking car.

Please note, I’m not criticizing you or your art, I’m just not keen on Subaru’s new design. I drive a 2004 VW GTI, which is a hatchback, but it looks right as a hatchback. I don’t think the STI does.


Here´s a wire rendering

The carpaint are 2 blended vraymaterials with different falloff and the lighting is a HDRimage.


That’s awesome work, GRID. I’m impressed. I came here from a ClubWRX thread about it. I think I’m not the only one on our forum who would love a hi-res version for a desktop wallpaper. Any way you could hook us up?


Great job! Love what you did to it… especially the tail lights. I don’t like the clear, sharp-cut lights on the real car. Nice wires too. Looks very clean.