Stylized saloon set (free download model)


This work was done by me for free distribution and use.

Download here:


I have been working in CG for many years and I know about shortage of decorations. The opportunity to buy is not for everyone, especially for novice animators. I hope this decoration will be in demand and useful animators for sketching or full-story cartoons. There are many small objects (props) in the scene that you can work with. Stacks of modifiers on most objects, I left open, it will allow to customize or modify the objects to fit their needs. All elements of the scene are sorted by layers, this will simplify the navigation.
You probably already noticed that the saloon room is very clean. I did it on purpose, so that I could customize the scene for your specific tasks.
Initially, the whole scene was done in 3dsmax 2016. For simplicity, I used a renderer - Corona Renderer. It’s faster when Vray and for 45 days this render plug-in is free, which is also a plus. Basically, all materials are 3dsmax standard, excluding some a few materials from the free Corona Renderer library (metal, glass, mirrors). I will be glad to see your work with this decoration.