Stylised Bunny Girl


After seeing the incredibles, and wanting to model something different for my website, ive been dying to make a stylised cartoony-but-realistically-shaded type character. Plus, i need a break from my games competition entry…

So… cos theyre kinda cute and relatively rare on this forum (no elfs or orcs here!) i thought id model a playboy style bunny girl!

Still very early days at the mo. Just roughing out the shapes.

With the incredibles in mind, Im aiming for something like Elastigirl’s proportions with Mirage’s face, but slightly more americanised.

Im focusing on the shapes and proportions, so forgive any shoddy topology.


I think there should be more Playbo Bunnies on this forum… no, I actually demand it!

Looks good so far, Maybe the hands could be a tad bigger. I think it’s still early into the modeling though so you will probably change a bit of it.


The small hands and feet are intentional, but yeah, they need more work.
Heres a few reference pics. Im going for the pixar look as seen in the incredibles - its all about shapes and style.


What an excellent Idea, stylised bunnygirls are great. Good luck with this.



The body is 60% complete and ive only just started the head, so forgive its scariness!

The hair on the right is just as a test - ill probably use a more intricate, unusual hairstyle, but ill make it as a solid sculpted shape.

Im still working on the shapes and porportions - the bow tie, collar, rabbit ears, tail and cuffs are just placeholder objects, and the black suit will look much better, showing some cleavage. Its just coloured polygons at the moment.

Hope y’all like it!


Lol, nice idea. Keep up the good work. =oP


Hehe that’s cool, those ears, will you attach them to a proper head band? because they’re not REAL ears you know :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup. Thats all part of the plan. The body and head are the only bits im using. The accessories will probably be re-modeled once ive got the base body sorted out.
Im gonna try and get her rigged up soon and try out some poses. The characters in incredibles were actually really simple in shape, its just the way they are brought across and posed.


Nice one! i see the incredibles influence in it. i like mirage character a lot. she’s skinny, yet sexy.

imho, the legs need more work. the legs below the knees are rather flat. i just have one question for you, how did you work on the eyes on a cartoony character like yours? did you make it round? or flat?

keep up the good work!



Im done with the body now - just the seams and wrinkles on her suit needs adding.
Her collar, shoes and cuffs are complete and her head is nearly done.
Ive added a rig and quickly skinned it - the envelopes arent perferct.
Next - the hair! Ive gotta choose the style carefully, and then figure out how im gonna make it.


nice work… you really brought it together for this most recent update. Looking forward to seeing the next update with hair :slight_smile:


so thats what i would look like if i had a sex change…lol…

great work mate…keep it goin…i wanna see the final thing :thumbsup:


Nice work. The face looks a lot better, can’t wait to see some hair on her.


That’s really nice! Nice subtle posing as well, even though they’re test poses (I assume). Really nice face as well, fits right in!


Looks good so far. Are you using any Image planes at all or just reference pictures? Also if you used 3ds Max, did you rig it with Biped? Keep it up.


Most impressive, though i think the nose bridge should come in with a curve just a little bit. Other than it captures The Incredables style really well. The posed version in the middle looks great btw, Just needs some hair.


Using some reference images, ive quickly comped some hair on to her to see what style suits her most.
2, 3 and 7 are my faves. Im probably gonna model it as sculpted polygons, so something with a nice solid look, and a good shape will be best.

CG219 - i made it up as i went along, with a little help from a few screencaps of mirage and elastigirl from incredibles. And yeah, i used biped.

What do you all think?


Definitly 7 in my opinion :slight_smile:

Great job by the way :slight_smile:



number 1, 3 and 5 i like the most compare the rest.

really great charcater model btw. thumbs up


5, 7 or 8…but I think 5 is the best.