stupid object #1 : Lawn Mower schumacher , kadeg boucher (3D)


Vraiment excellent , le concept , la réalisation … c’est comme dans le cochon ce projet, tout est bon !!!:scream:


oh!! man, lovely stuff
I want one


oh! man, lovely stuff

I want one for sure, very fast looking


I really like your concept! They’ll sell like crazy :thumbsup:


you always have a good job, I love your concept so much.
“juhada said a good point:don’t stop being original (and funny)”

dont stop !!


Great one Brother… as always amazing work :slight_smile: really loved it :slight_smile:


KHALID / HI FRIEND thanks a lots for ours words , i ’ m fan of our pict , best regards

Joshna, thanks mate , i 'll try , i promesse , but i 'm not sure to find the success , but i 'll try to make others ortiginal works


guillom: yo l’amis ^^ ourf , ben merci mon cochon

StefanoTsai ; hi buddy , thanks a lots for our following , i 'm very proud to see you here , best regards

kyk: salut mec , enchanté de te voir ici ^^
et oui je pense que je vais soit faire une autres tondeuse ( version dragster hot road , mix entre moto custom et dragster, mais j’ais tt une autres serie d’objets aussi bidon que celle ci , donc pkoi pas en faire une petite serie oui ^^

a la revoyure mec et j’espere voir prochainement une belle crea avec ta signature apposé ;D

merci pour le message en tt ca :slight_smile:


Haha paré pour aller tondre le bitume ! :buttrock:

Great job KaDDD, I file you plein de stars ! ^^

Par contre, tu l’as remplacé par quoi le petit casque ? un peu de mal à voir là… :blush:


awesome! I want one! u should really try to sell this concept, I’d bet it sell like hell!


Not stupid at all. I’d seriously look forward to mowing the lawn if I had one of these.


Original and humorous. I’ve queued you up for the front page. :thumbsup:
Great work and please tell me where I can buy one.


This has got to be the coolest concept I’ve ever seen on any forum! If some manufacturer doesn’t pick this up it’ll be a crime.

Like so many have said, ‘I want one,’ even though I live in a flat (apartment) and don’t have so much as a window box.


Really Awesome renders I thought it was the LOTUS CAR TEAM the one that used the BEST DRIVER EVER AYYYRTOONN SENNAA. . . . Ole Ole Ole Oleeeeeee SENNA SENNA. . . . . .

I can say it is very bright the one with the white background, and in some points the reflection is a little bit strange but maybe it was the setup you wanted.

4 stars friend

Best Regards


I would buy one of those if ever i had to mow a lawn…seriously dude…awesome concept!


Simplily Superb :smiley:

It was a long time i didn’t see a render with this level of originality, 5 stars from me!


great render, but it looks more like Ayrton Senna’s John Player Special car than Shumacher’s


great lighting 5star gaga~


AMAZING piece 5* idea numero uno render superb :beer:


Wow… I never knew a lawn mower could look so spectacular lol! Amazing renders.



nice to see some unique design, 5 stars :bounce: