stupid object #1 : Lawn Mower schumacher , kadeg boucher (3D)


If I only had one of these when I was kid :twisted:

Awesome concept and renders.


lol !



lawn mowing at 200 mph!!! wohooo!!!

great job dude.


really original and
great execution
congrat for the well deserved frontpage , and i really hope for you that it would turn into a new cg award
Chapeau bas Monseigneur !


Haha! I want one of these!

Great work.


Ton idée est tout simplement geniale !!!
Pourquoi ne pas y avoir pensé plus tot ?

De plus la realisation est sans faille… que dire c’est parfait 5*


niiice render kadeg and so funny idea.

fallais oser pour mettre une tondeuse de course a la place d’une 350z ou audi TT:)))

En tous cas ça dechire, le rendu tabasse et l’idee est super.


excellent work malonet!

the idea and the rendering are amazing !!

En gros c’est beau c’est original et c’est propre !!

jt’en donne 5… des étoiles :wink:


:scream: mickatt ^^ hello mister , happy to see you here , and big thanks for ours messages , keep it up too , and thanks a lots for all this stars best regards

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alors alors , comment vas , branche toi un de c 4 sur msn si jamais ta 5 min a tuer , ca me ferait plaisir d’avoir de tes news merci pour le com , c’etait juste un ptit delire sans pretention , chui super fglatté de l’impact que ca as au final
thanks a lots for our feedback and big big’up

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garphik: thanks dude

a big thanks for all , i really suprised to be in front page , and so many cool answer , i 'm very proud by our welcom , many thanks at all

best regards



ROFL!!! That is AWESOME!!! I love the MUTE button on the Steering Wheel controls!! That is a creative work of ART!

i want to make that my desktop wallpaper!


So cool !!! I want it !!
Really nice job Kad … I’m happy to see that you’re still progressing.
Composition, shading and lighting are excellent …
And what an awesome idea !
See you !



You are a master in lighting, the image is fantastic, It is awesome


bravo bravo!!! excellent concept and excellent ighting setup…
I love they way you went overboard with all the different lighting moods and composition patterns…
the black one is still my favorite though…


very nice! I like the rear wheel camber and the carbon fiber difuser above the bagger.:thumbsup:


You might get a kick out of this.
People think it’s real so much so that this is the reason people hate america.


^ I was just about to post this. You beat me to it.


I like this alot, esp. the JPS style. 5 stars.

This even made it on the website of a big german news magazine (,1518,515767,00.html). .


OMG, that’s hilarious! :smiley:

I like the reply that says “I wonder how many lawns per second”

I can’t believe how many people think it’s real. I guess that’s just an extra compliment to the artist (and finalRender).

It’s kinda like the viral ad Dynamite Surfing, tons of people believe that’s real too. (not to hijack the thread)

  • Jonas


jussing: ^^
hi , i 'm LOL too , when i see the impact of this little projetc , there is with the RSS flux more than 1000 articles on this mower , and likeyou said , the viral diffusion is excellent for this !
thanks for our links , really cool ^^
i hope is engine is make a rotation more speed than 5000 RPM

schdeffan:thanks man

TerribleOne:^^ thanks buddy :slight_smile:

BigPixolin; lollllll , why people hate american , i 'm french , ^^

JoeTee: :thumbsup:

mehran:^^ the black is the final version ,all other are extract to the wip thread , its just some tests…

rubenmontecinos: thanks man , i have just pu 3 rectangular light ( areas) and ajust them per all picture for add some with reflect effects … nothing special, try it , its simple ^^

bartabac_99: ^^ salut l’amis , ca fait un bail , comment vas
comment ca se passe chez UBI ? merci pour on comm , et content de voir que ca te fait marrer aussi :slight_smile:

ckpepper02: thanks man :slight_smile:


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