stupid object #1 : Lawn Mower schumacher , kadeg boucher (3D)


Title: stupid object #1 : Lawn Mower schumacher

Name: kadeg boucher

Country: France

Software: 3ds max Photoshop

Submitted: 26th October 2007

hi cgtalkers :slight_smile:

i’m proud to present you , my new project , i need to realitic rendering fo my personal book , i want tryto make a car studies studio , and i was totaly blased per all the audi TT and other nissan XYZ, i have decide for this exercice to make a differente objects in diffirents lights setup :slight_smile:

c&c, welcom les com’s

here some other renderings and wip’s pictures


freakin amazing… as always :thumbsup: i want one of these!


HAHA AWSOME WORK !! i love it … and good renderings too … :smiley: …but it’s made for small people …
The handle?? handler?? (dunno the word in english sorry :frowning: ) is not high enough i think!!


Hahaha realy fun work!!, and good execution!


I want one! Great job!


Awesome work! great stuff


Nice concept… :slight_smile:

Allthough… This gives me “John Player” feelings. Mostly of the colour scheme that you chose.


awesome modeling and rendering… great work.

what is render engine ?( mental ray ? )


Lovely design and renders. 5*





Absolutely fantastic!
delightful images!


Amazing Idea and very funny, exelent renders 5 stars from me…


OH MY GOD! That is awesome! I don’t have a yard with grass , but I want one. 5 stars!


Very funny and great execution! 5 stars.


Excellent concept, materials, lighting, and rendering(s).


that is easily the best piece iv seen on here in the last week imo-lovely model and rendering!what rendering engine did u use?



Great concept, don’t stop being original (and funny)



juhada ,.ST3.,agv,guitarmunkee,niksoftarg,enexis,Eran1,S3b,Bishop_64,Bubbaloo,Vimmy,mistasam02 : thanks a lots for ours works , i 'm very proud to see our cool comments , really big thanks :slight_smile:

mamali132002 : i have use final render for make this rendering , i need to remember it , i 'll work with in few time

JeffPatton: you here , yaer ! ! , thanks a lots for ours words ,i love our works with teapot :smiley:

azynkron: ya its was my references concept :slight_smile:

AsahiSuperdry: looks the test pose on pict , i hope you like it too :slight_smile:


Hi malonet,


It’s an exellent work, fantastic modeling and nice shading.

Bravo mec !
Cette machine fait elle partie d’une série ?



Nothing to say, my friend!

you are really a machine freak, these models are ace…Crazy,Man!
I love the way that you deal with these materials, …just perfect.
5 stars from me, Kad!