, Richard Rosenman (3D)


Name: Richard Rosenman
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max Photoshop VRay
Submitted: 16th October 2006

Hey guys and gals;

These are from another of our various recently completed projects at Hatch Studios Ltd.

These are a set of fourteen backgrounds created for the agency Ben Simon Burns. They were developed for the new 2006 version of the highly-successful anti-smoking campaign website commissioned by the Government of Ontario.

The website featuring the backgrounds can be found at:

Each of the rooms were color graded in a specific hue to reflect the mood and atmosphere of the environment.

Here are some of the final renders:

To see the rest of the renders, please visit the project page at:

Directed by Richard Rosenman
Exec Produced by Randi Yaffa
Modeling by Joel Mongeon
Texturing, lighting, rendering & compositing by Richard Rosenman

Produced at Hatch Studios Ltd.



A lot of fun to look at. Beautiful work. :applause:


very interesting and nice variation of environments and moods.


as usual, very nice work, love the volumetric light and the soft tones.


I like it .especially is the Light…


really interesting stuff man, great renders and good mood setting colors, :thumbsup:


That’s really cool. Love the lighting :smiley:


Great work. Impressive use of the color. Congratulations!!! :thumbsup:


great work! so much to discover in these pics. :thumbsup:


Breathtaking … I love the style/feel to it ! Great lighting … just great !!! :applause:


great work dude, congrats on the front page too. :thumbsup:


Cool man
Love 'em all


l kind like the light too, good work.


Very nice & artistic interior lightning. I like it !!!


nice really nice, I like that very much :thumbsup:


Nice! A really good job you made. I like the design and the rendering/lightning.


Nice job!

I’m not sure anyone else said this but I have one crit on your main image, the stool which has fallen on the ground should have both legs touching. It is currently tilted and only one foot is touching the ground. If it just fell over and hasn’t settled it is possible but since this is a still image it stood out for me.


I love the cleanly-ness of these renders. Great design and color use. Keep up the excellent work.


Wow Nice lighting and rendering style y love it !! Great Job


Your work is excellent very very good renders