sTuFf & tHiNgS the gary bedell doodle book


Hey all, for months now I’ve been wanting to start a doodle book here and for months I blew it off


I’m gonna start posting all kinds of crazy works finished, WIP, doodles, sprite work, etc
So I’m gonna start off with a few things. I hope you all enjoy them and thank you for looking. I’ll be updating this as much as possible.



i cant believe noone responded to this post before me, this is brilliant (o_O), i really like your sketches, those creatures at the top are great :slight_smile: like that arms brain thingi :slight_smile: hehe so cute :slight_smile:


thanks luk8- one of my favorite things in the world to draw is monsters/horror. actually the “tales from the crypt” comic inspired me to start drawing comic books.

They arent monsters but…


duplicate post sorry-:frowning:


Here’s another one (cricket sound) lol


duplicate post sorry :frowning:


hey Gary Bedell, great stuff, I’m likening the alien tiger especially.:thumbsup:


thank you- I’m always happy to get visitors here

-here’s some chrono trigger revamps I did a while back after watching Final Fantasy advant chidren


nice effort !


newbie from the DSF thread


Why haven’t I seen this thread before?? I love your work, especially when you sit down and finish up a piece like that alien cat or the fisher-girl. I like the cat so much because it looks alien, but you didn’t do the easy thing by making it a monster or mutant.

Your pencil work shows great control of line and shade.

Wonderful work and would love to see more finished pieces from you !



Great work Gary!
I’m not particulary fond of your coloring, a bit too bland for my taste.
But I realy LOVE your drawings, these are great, you are a true master of the line.


the night crawler looks great. everything else to of course, I just really like that one


thank you all for your replies thus far. and Sarford you’re right about my colors. I’m working on those for sure. If you have any suggestions (websites, tutorials, etc) on color please let me know.

-new stuff


newbies- sorry, it’s been a while since i’ve been on here. Question: is the WIP thread the only place i can post doodles?

A Quickie


Oh wow these are really great! I really like your style, it’s very fun and well executed. To answer your question, no they should probably be posted here
But I could be wrong, I’m quite new myself.


Yes, I would say this is rather a sketchbook since you have a multitude of pictures and not just one. But since you started the thread before the subforum for skechbooks were created nobody can blame you. Maybe the administrators will move it sooner or later.

Now to the important part. You have really nice stuff, I am very impressed. I especially like your skribbles. In my eyes they are amazing. How do you build up your characters when you start a new one. Do you use a simplyfied skeleton? If yes how does it look like?

Looking forward to see more from you.


Algorithmic- thanks man. i try to experiment with a lot of different techniques. I’m gonna try and post more stuff by the end of the week so keep your eyes open :slight_smile:

TedNindo- Thanks for the props man. :slight_smile: I do usually start with a directional line ( to show the flow of the illustration ) then i work on the foundation(skeleton). I’ll post some examples of how I work. :slight_smile:

thanks again for the support



WIP- I may repaint this though


I was digging through some old files and found a WIP and a couple of fast doodles :slight_smile: enjoy