Studying to become a 3D character/environment artist


I’d like to know what and where I should study in the USA in order to get a feet in the 3D industry, preferably in big studios, no small 3D advertising agencies. Is it ok to study Bachelor of Fine Arts with focus on traditional art skills like sculpture or is it a must have to study on dedicated 3D colleges?


No insights from anyone? I was thinking about going to the Art Institute of Austin. What would you prefer? At a official college you get a diploma and I think you have an internship somewhere, right? At Gnomon for example you get no diploma but your classes are just focussed on art and they work on your demo reel.


Do the traditional art thing and learn the software in your own time. Studios are looking more and more for people who can demonstrate a solid foundation in traditional art.


I see. I was wondering if I would submit a project for a scholarship sponsored by the college, would there be certain topics to avoid like for example violence or is it “anything goes”?


I am attending Think Tank Training Centre in Vancouver BC I would recommend this school to anyone if you want to learn how to model I would attend TTTC they teach alot of useful things like life drawing and classical animation. I would not attend a college or AI because they hardly teach you modeling.


To get into gnomon you have to have a pretty strong traditional portfolio from what I’ve heard.

That said it would probably be 100k for something you could probably learn for free if you dig into enough forums.


A BFA in sculpture from a school that heavily focuses on traditional, representational figurative sculpture could be a very good background for being a modeler, but good luck finding a program like that. I’m not sure if any exist, anywhere. Sculpting programs at art schools tend to be very conceptual.

And don’t go to an AI. They claim to give you a degree, but since they aren’t accredited, that degree is more or less worthless. Further, even if it’s coming from a reputable school, the value of a degree is debatable in this industry.


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