Studio Paint: what, who, where?


I have been hearing alot about an application called studio paint.
Can anyone tell me who makes it, where to get it, and any other info on this product?


Alias makes it i think. I’m having trouble finding any info on it at their website, but i did find this:

“StudioPaint 3D has features that give us tremendous freedom with our designs and this makes work more fun for the designers,” says Todd Olson, principal designer at Rollerblade. “With Studio, we also get into prototype testing much faster,” adds Kevin Abernathy, Rollerblade CAD manager. “By using Studio models as input for stereolithography and CNC machines, we get skatable samples without building molds. The samples let us determine what works and what doesn’t so that by the time we cut steel (for molds), we know we’ve got a great skate.”

Hope that helps



Studio Paint is an old program made by Alias for painting on your models in 3D (not to be confused with Studio Tools which is something slightly different). It’s been out of development for a few years now, and is only available on SGI.


Ah, that explains it. Was that indeed the proggy that became the thorn in your side Leigh? That post has been in my mind for sometime now and is the reason I was looking for more info on it.


Yes indeed it was the nasty thorn in my side! (well remembered, hehe)

Quite a few companies still use it, one of the reasons I think being it’s support for 16 bits per channel, which Photoshop has now only introduced proper support for in CS. I’m sure there are other advantages too, but since I’ve never used it I don’t know what they are :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I hear though, it is a kinda dinosaur, and a lot of places are switching to other programs.


It was a really nice 2d/3d paint app, but damn was it slow. It was a huge memory hog and even ran slow on an Onyx. It had vector and raster paint with lots of natural media brushes like Painter and Paintfx. Alot of industrial designers used it because it simulated the use of marker renderings that people used for product and automotive design. It had full 3d paint ablilities when Deep Paint was still in its diapers(called 4d paint at that time). You could paint directly on nurbs and polygons(none of the 3d paint apps on windows can paint on nurbs). It was the standard of the film and automotive industries. The only thing keeping it above water was the auto industry, but then Alias finally decided to add the abilities of it directly into their Studio Tools product line.


the last incarnation of studio paint had direct connectionwith maya on SGI if I remember correctly and it was a really cool tool if you could find a machine that could run it. It was pretty much what body paint does for cinema 4d but much slower.


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