Studio Light Stup - FREE HDRI Map


Hello matey
thanks alot for sharing your ideas. I was wondering however on a brief explanataion of the settings you used in the renderer to produce each frame ( did you use linear exposure? )

thanks alot :slight_smile:


the settings were pretty simple. i actually just created 3 MR Area Spotlights with “Show icon in renderer” option checked. They have different intensities. Them i set the renderer (MR 3.4+ only) to outpu 32-bit images and, as Pixel_Monky suggested the Wraparound(lume) lens shader. that’s it. no FG, no GI, no caustics, no nothing. simple and really fast


Hi. First of all, great idea! But I think the link is broken. Do you have it in another host? Thanks!


it’s actually up, but the download limit for the day was reached, so you gotta wait till the next day. sorry for the inconvenience


Thank’s. I will try again. Very popular file :P.


The link for that studio HDR file is broken :frowning:

Out of interest I’m trying to create my own HDR map in MAX 9 at the moment, I’ve setup a floor and 3 MR Area spots with 1.0, 0.35, and 0.35 intensity arranged in a triangle formation pointing towards center of the plane. I am using logimetric exposure control.

Am I right in assuming I just render the scene 3 times at different logimetric exposure settings each time with the WrapAround(Lume) shader and then composite it in HDR shop?


You can render to 32bit per channel images with mental ray so you don’t have to do any HDRshop compositing.


I thought though that your supposed to use those 32-bit images (which are still seen as LDR images by HDR shop) and convert them into a .HDR image and bring that back into MAX etc? So your saying you can just use the rendered 32 bit image as a HDR regardless of converting it then?


yep, if you’ve go mr. 3.4+ you can render native 32-bit images straight out of mr and they’ll be fine if you save them in .hdr or openexr


Cool ! Also you don’t happen to have a copy of that studio HDR one you did properly by any chance? the link is still dead and dead :frowning:


thanks for sharing


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