Studio GPU is out, and FREE!


MSP is a really nice of soft, its too bad is taking theroute they decided, i think that development will basically stop.

I got a license in 2009, i was about to buy 10 pcs for a renderfarm, and i didnt, because i bought a license of msp, it was the best investment i did, render times are great… My workflow is, Animation in max ( too bad theres no exporter for max 2012), then render charwcter animation in msp, really fast…i love it. Especially being a one man studio.



Try exporting an FBX from LightWave. That’s what I did first time around with Maya and it worked. It was quite slow though, exporting and importing a million faces, which is why I looked around for the official exporter.


Oh I thought of that but I can’t see where it would load .FBX from, I only see .MAB, .X and .hair. Of course it would probably help if I read some instructions.


Downloading now, thank you! I haven’t read too much but I am hoping it imports all kids of CAD geometry. Also, I hope your business model works out!!


@philnolan3d: Yeah, it’s a strange one. I don’t know if this is the official route, but I used the Create > Load Objects and then switched the filter to All Files. That worked for me.


OK thanks.


TylerAZambori, dynamics and fluids are only supported if they are baked, But not particles. Where you see particles was done in post.

eikonoklastes, Make sure that you are using the AA settings at render time. An example of this is capture samples at 4, Jitter sampling toggled on, filter width to 1 or 2, and filter type to mitchell. If you still get jaggies with these settings you can always continue to drive up the capture samples all the way to 8.

If any of you have any question on msp i can give you some hints.

msp support fbx but not animation, for that you have to export everything from your 3d app using the plugins which you can download from their website. Maya 2012 is not yet supported.


can I import cad geometry (.dwg, .dgn)?


Not directly as far as I can tell, unless they have a converter.


thanks for the reply. What would be the workflow for getting a .dwg in? 3ds max > fbx ?


Probably, I don’t use autodesk stuff. Actually Studio GPU sounded like too much effort to even get started so I just uninstalled it.


Hi guys, I use only photoshop for digital and matteapaintg,can mach studio pro use full fro this work any how?actually while with panoramic work I am facing hard problems with photoshop thats why I am asking.

hope some body will answer something.


Is this comparable to quicksilver in max or furyball in maya but what about cryengine 3 which is more than a renderer ?

Could it be considered a way of rendering in renderman for max users?

How are heavy scenes in it with large textures say for architecture vis, 2GB are enough?

Hope they will integrate a hair system and support particles in the future.

  1. No. It’s not. MachStudio go far deeper then quicksilver or furryball. It’s also much more then a game engine. It’s a multipass GPU rendering and compositing system, capable of operating as a front end for Renderman and Mental-Ray. The download also contains a MetaSL node based shader editor which compiles shaders capable of running both on the GPU and the CPU. Animation can be edited (through editing the animation channel imported). You can even import your rig and manipulate the joints through keyframing (though best for small corrections). Further, live video can be fed into your viewport, while you set up your CG shot in realtime!

Personally I think MachStudio is a production tool which rewords commitment. It’s best for those who like to prod and experiment, and are interested in all sorts of details and creative freedom, who enjoy expression and mannerism more then conformity and realism.

That is not to say it cannot be used for realistic rendering. (most MachStudio images on the web are of older versions). In a full GPU CPU setup with Mental-Ray or Renderman, it can deliver all the quality these tools can achieve and speed up the process by offloading some of the passes to the GPU.

We are yet to see what’s cooking out there…

  1. Yes. If you have Renderman standalone, you can use MachStudio as your front end.

  2. MachStudio has no built in polygon limit. You are only limited by the memory on your card. Mind you, geometry takes very little space in memory, textures and shadow maps have far bigger footprint. One thing that can slow it down is large amount of objects (AKA fragments in MachStudio). So better few shapes with large amounts of polygons than a lot of shapes with small amount of polygons. For the record; typical Arc-Viz scenes - by virtue of typical architectural modelling - are heavy on object count…

  3. Me too.


Hi HypeTsu,

this is perhaps a really dumb question but can i export my shader set-up back into Mental Ray? (specifically into Softimage in my case)

So that way i can indeed experiment and set-up speedily in MSP but kick it back to MR for that final quality tweak… :hmm:


Of course you can use your MSP shaders inside Mental-Rey, but note that in order to do that you need two things:
A. Build your shaders in the MSP shader editor (that is the only shader building tool that can compile to both engines)
B. Mental-Rey standalone (The Mental-Rey inside Maya, 3DS Max and XSI cannot be used with MSP.)

To check out this setup, ask for the 30 day trial of Mental-Rey from Mental Images ( ) or buy the standalone version from Autodesk (


Is this compatible with Blender?


From the previous page:


And it appears they are officially out of business and the website shut down…


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