Studio Bundle Contents


Sorry for the most boring post of the year. :rolleyes:
This is just for my own piece of mind…

Here are the 7 CDs I just got with my 8.5 studio bundle. Notice 2 are the same documentation CDs:

Release 8 Installation
Release 8.5 Upgrade
**Release 8 Documentation
**Release 8 Documentation (duplicate)
BodyPaint 2 Installation
Release 8 Goodies
Studio Bundle Modules

Do any 8.5 users notice anything missing.
The duplicate is what has me wondering.
Thanks :slight_smile:


seems ok to me. Except of course for the duplicate documentation CD.
When installing make sure to use the following order:
All Modules including BP Modul version
8.5 Updater

When installing Net:
CINEMA 4D R8 Net Server or Client
All Modules
8.5 Updater



Thanks Srek :thumbsup:

I felt it was best to check out the readme’s (for once) when I sat down to start this install. So I think I got the install order right. But thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:


Err … what about the Bodypaint tutorial CD?


maybe thats it. Yeah make sure you install all modules before upgrade. I was so excited when i got the package that i imediately took the stuff out poped in the install disk then the upgrade and then the modules because it seemed like the order or importance. I went in to check out sss which was my most anticipated new feature (or up there anyway) and was shocked to find it absent. Alas i had installed AR after the upgrade and i had to reinstall all modules nad upgrade again. Not that its a big deal but i wish i had known.


Yep! Thanx guys… Maxon has the already shipped the BodyPaint tut/vid. I asked them about it today. But I didn’t know everyone got that… thought I was special :blush:

So anyway everything is cool now. Maxon was quick to act :slight_smile:


ya jono338, the Bodypaint 2 documentation CD is missing,
u should contact Maxon and claim yours, fuzatron, u paid for it, right?


Ohhhhhhh yeah…
Just ask my wife… actually please don’t ask her. Better not to mention it :stuck_out_tongue:


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