Studio Apartment


I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some critique of this.


well first of all, i would rethink the composition. find and exploit a point of interest that would characterize your image. play with the camera, find some interesting angles, introduce depth to the image. now its just a flat stare on a wall. also i would definitely go for a wider format.

then lighting. it needs to be more interesting, it needs to create the atmosphere of the image, state a mood etc. also catch some reflections on your surfaces, so they doesnt look so flat.
the floor needs to be more glossy. and im also not sure if it has fresnel reflections… hard to tell, but if not, then it definitely should

as for the technical side…looking at your image, im guessing that youre not using linear workflow. which is a must if your aim is a realistic looking image. without linear lighting you wont get that fake-CG feel out of your scene. i also recommend using physical camera.

nice bed sheets…marvelous designer right ?


first of all, thank you for the critique.

yup marvelous designer. incredible software, wayyy better than max or maya.

composition - ironically, flat is what i was going for (i know thats weird). mostly i was playing around with color, i wanted one side to be colder than the other. at the same time i was trying to play around with kind of a squared off perfect perspective that a well planned shoot would do with a hasselblad or a mamiya. i am using a physical camera but i put the film to 120 (like a mamiya)

the reflections are fresnel but i think because of the flatness they are not really too good. i debated making the floor glossier.

what do you mean by linear lighting? im using v-ray lights with an image map to vary the color. do you mean changing the lights? or switch to linear workflow (like gamma and such)


yep, i meant switching to linear workflow (gamma and such) which makes the fallof of the lights much more accurate and natural looking.


ill have to look into that, thanks


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