Student Final Project - 3d Fashion Collection, Jana Rot (3D)


Title: Student Final Project - 3d Fashion Collection
Name: Jana Rot
Country: Slovenia
Software: BodyPaint, CINEMA 4D, Painter, Photoshop

Hello everyone. My name is Jana Rot and I am graduated fashion and textile designer. For my final project - diploma, I have given myself a task to create a fashion collection of clothes and accessories made completely in 3d. As far as I know, noone has ever tried that in my university. I am, well was, complete beginner in 3d world when I started my diploma and that was more than a year ago. For the first months I have been teaching myself Cinema 4d and after that I have started creating my clothes and accessories. And here I am, after more than a year of creating this collection.

Everything (clothes, hats, bags, shoes, belts…) is extremely high poly (HyperNurb) modeled and with multiple materials with minimum 2000*2000 textures. Emphasis was on the design itself and materials (being fashion and textile designer) and all designes are modeled in a way that they can be sewn in real life. So they are not just imaginary, but they are prepared to be made in RL.

The first step was an inspiration - Papaver Rhoeas - poppy. After taking photos of the flower, I have started sketching in Corel Painter. After the sketches were finalized, I begun modeling, then UV and texturing, then preparing materials and then rendering. The final renders were around 7500*5000 pixels because they were printed on b1 format.

Please comment the works with fashion design in mind. Below I will put high res images of all 4 creations with details like handbags, hats and so on.

And thanks to CGtalk for having a great CG community. I have learned a lot (if not all) from this site! Thnx.


very tastefull fabrics and colours. the hole collection remembers me on autumn. i like it a lot especially the second from the left side :thumbsup:




hello roja88 ,
you’ve asked us to comment " with fashion design in mind "…well i’m reallly NOT into fashion…
Don’t care about it absolutely …But i really find that you’ve achieved a GREAT JOB here .
I really would like to see a closer look of the cloths , it’s very tasty .
You have achieved a lot in one year !
Great work man .


This are the sketches (Painter) for 3D collection:


   And this are 3D sketches (Cinema 4D) with some details:











u already know my state of view but here it is again… awsome!

and Monji, its she not he :wink:


I love the close ups! The textures looks really great! Interesting design as well… Can’t really comment if it’s good or bad. But i think it looks good.


I dont get this image linking… how do you show the image somewhere on the internet here in posts?

as you know, I absolutely love the designs and the 3d as well. I hope fashion industry adopts this kind of sketch presentations


Great and Beautiful designs ( been a stage designer myself i love the theatrical quality the clothes have) , really like in the images that they’re are a mixture of photorealism and illustration and still one can fill the qualities (textures,transparencies) of the textiles. did you use clothilde? it would be awesome to see it moving.

awesome job!




Awesome work! Great stuff, impressive determination to learn C4D!


i love such long term projects, i like the first (from the left) dress most, i can imagine my gf wandering or dancing in this dress… :love:

The models are very good and the renders look sweet, you kept it simple and thats very good for this type of presentation.


Good Job… I dont like the cloths (fashionly speaking) but your work on 3d is very hard to do… :thumbsup:


Jana :thumbsup: (thumbs up…)

4 stars from me.


i think your work is quite fun…theatrical
and nicely executed!



Unique, well presented work. It has a retro look to it. Seems to be a mixture of several different periods - mainly reminds me of The Roaring 20’s.


really nice~~~~ great originality~~


this is front page material…absolutely top notch, congratulations :slight_smile:


yeah this is front page material. I have never seen something like that here on CG talk. And to be honest, nowhere. Has anyone every seen fashion creator doing clothes in 3d? It is a bit like industrial design I guess.

top notch material indeed.


absolutely fantastic Jana! Now that I see all those details Im stunned by ur work. I hope to see more of ur work in this style in the future. :thumbsup:


beautiful work Jana :thumbsup: