Student Film - Ephemeral


Hey guys,

I just graduated from school and finished writting and directing a student film about 3 weeks ago. It is an experimental CG film about dark paths to an enlightenment.
I had about 12 other students working on this film and they all did an amazing job.
There were 3 teams of people who were responsible for modeling and texturing the last three enviroments. First four rooms were modeled and textured by me, and also, lighting for the entire short was done by me as well as editing and sound.
Almost everyone on the team worked on animating and the entire film was done using Maya and rendered with Maya Software (no FG or GI used), we also used Photoshop for textures and After Effects for editing.
Soon i will have a full quality version of the film on my website but for now here is the link to the lower rez animation on DeviantArt:


Thank you everybody for watching,




I’m not an expert, but for a maya software render it’s looks really good. Congratulations to the light-man :bounce: in this case you :thumbsup:

The only thing that could have been improved are the camera angles. The first-person views for example doesn’t looks very natural.

The scenes I like the most are the three opening sequences, they look really good, especially with the subtle DOF added. I miss it a little in the rest of the animation. I guess for the first room you spent the most time, it looks great!

The surreal environments are a little to much game-dungeon-like, but this is just a personal preference. But the guy is great!

Good Work!


Thanks a lot…

A lot of things were taken out, and some things could use some improvements, due to a time constraint, but in the end it came out the way I imagined it.


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