stuck with this image..any suggestions welcome



This rarely happens to me…but i’m stuck with this image and i don’t really know what to do with it…it feels finished to me…but not sure that it looks it…does that make sense…dunno. usually i know when to stop working on something…but this is bugging me big time…and because i’m not happy with it i’m finding it hard to be objective about it…so please help.

anyways…i’m open to any and every crit/suggestion going so way in there on this one…




I know how you feel about “unfinished” work, I feel this way often…
First I want to say I really like it, looks really interesting. Personally for example I would apply some SSS shader (if you have 8.5) to some parts of that “flower” (looks like a flower to me :slight_smile: ), also for example to the background I would add some objects like this and then I would use DOF for it… maybe it could add more depth to the whole image.
Great work :slight_smile:



oh ok…i thought about dof but wanted to keep some of the detail on the foreground and background objects.
its already using SSS…take a good look at the pollen twirl things…scattered on the main object certainly the farthest away…they have it…and the sides of the main object you will see some tranlucency to the skin fold parts…didn’t want to overdo it to much…maybe to subtle…but like the way it worked with the lights in this setup.

anyways thanks for the thoughts bud…the depth part i need to think about…it has an environmental haze…and i use inverse volumetric lights in parts…so it might be blowing some of that depth out…i’ll have a think about that…i did want the feeling of depth…but its hard to do with out dof i guess…dunno.


It might just need a little Photoshop tweeking. Maybe add more contrast, alter colors slightly, add some blur…things like that.

Very interesting pic…just looks a little “flat” maybe…

Just my opinion…


I’d try redoing the lighting, giving it a very contrasty look with most parts very dark and some nicely highlighted parts of the models (since it looks quite ambiently lit now). Preferably combined with a nice volumetric light :).


handige_harrie and bobzilla are right, surely it wants some Photoshop working… maybe try to add highlight or/and glow post effect, I think that lighting is that key to give it more depth and interest to it.



cool…i did open it up in ps and have a very little play…on colours and usual touch up type stuff…but didn’t have the balls to mess with it to much.

handige_harrie: re-light it! are you mad!..heh heh… no seriously…in a sense i’ve tried to get what you’re talking about…dull with range of tone on the two stalk like things that come down in front and back…and then some light absorbed in the central object…with some backlighting to highlight some of the SSS…as i mentioned before some of the lighting is inverse volumetric…hopefully so the object feels more glowy/emitting type feel…but not over done hopefully…so i guess i know one of the lights i could make volumetric…and thats on the main object but it might just look to cliche or expected if you know what i mean. if i put it on the other two fills for the front/back then i could loose some of the lighting effect i have on the texture…dunno…its a pity its not quicker to render i’d be more tempted to mess around more than i have been doing…i definitely know what you mean by the ambient look to it…was having real difficulty getting the back and front to look ok…without totally filling up the central part…maybe need to rethink it a little…

anyways guys…thanks for the direction…i’ve been looking at it to long…i need to go away from it for a couple of weeks and come back and work on it i think.


Boy, you make it hard. If it was a gun,car,bed etc. then I might be able to crit but this is from your imagination as I’ve never seen anything like it. You could change or add many things but I like it very much the way it is. It’s hard to know when to stop sometimes. Very well done!


well, I don’t know what to say. I think its one of your better images, really much like it.
Maybe some more contrast. I usally combine 2 or 3 layers in Paintshop with different
layer modi (overlay, screen), just experiment a bit. Otherwise I think it looks quite finished
to me. Have to say it again I really like it, its definitly a flingster :slight_smile:



Thats pretty cool Flingster :slight_smile:

For some depth try instancing some of what you have and move copies back a bit and change the shaders a bit also,then make another copy and rotate etc.You should get a good depth effect that way,and you can dof those elements.

There was a contest a little while back{might have been the alien world etc} Alienware one and the guy who won used c4d {pretty sure he won},anyway he had a tute up at CG channel and your images have similarities so maybe his tute could hlp your creative spark reignite again bud.


to funny thanks guys…i guess i need to think about it a little…its a toughie as you point out cos there is no essentially right or wrong way…just an appeal to the viewer i guess…and guns n cars are just not my thing unfortunately…heh heh.
i’m glad its definitely a flingster…means at least i’m half way there…
cheers guys…


thanks stu posted at same time…

add more geometry fading backwards is good as you say…atm as you might of guessed its pretty heavy as it is…so i might have to come up with something creative…don’t want to have to much geometry similar as you pro’s will spot it and pull me up on it…heh heh. at least if i do it that way i can tone down the dof effect…as i want people to be able to see some of the detail on the hanging bits at front and back…its kinda catch 22 a bit…i need dof…but i want to see detail…and ya just can’t have it both ways…so i need the visual trick…i got some depth with the front/back hanging bits…but lighting affected the rest slightly…i could go on tweaking this for weeks…and still never be happy…hence the reason for my post. i’ll look out for that tut though bud…nice idea…cheers


Hey flingster

cool image…I like this weird environement. If you ask what I feel unfinished I might not know what to say, but in my mind what is missing is a center of interest. When I look at your image I don’t now where to look, I feel like I have no anchor.

I would like to see what it would look like, with a weird insect flying trough…

maybe it is worth a try



ok…i’ll have a think about this…see what i can come up with on that…?
cheers bud


Very cool flingster

My first impression was that it was a giant organic fortress on some weird alien planet. The one floating pair of “seeds” near the middlelooks like a vehicle flying towards it prearing to land.

Perhaps look at Roger Dean?

Some cool stuff right here:


Some similarity is cool because it looks organic bud,if you wanted to do that that is.For depth you can have it both ways really,ell kind of using warm lighting for the front and cool for the rear.

If you dont mind doing some comping and the geometry is getting intensive as you said try this.Take a screen shot and then copy your camera and your lighting rig plus your model to a new file {cleaner in a new file}.Paste it all in and and select your new camera,now move the model to where you like it keeping an eye on your screen shot or the position etc and just render different angles etc that you like with maybe different dof also,then comp it all together in PS.The advantage is you can mess around with millions of polys worth of geometry and you dont have to worry about redraw rates,plus your lighting rig was also copied so it should all match up in the end pic :)…its a while since I have done this so I might have forgotten something,but I think its all there :slight_smile:




joel: thanks for the roger dean link and the other one…great inspiration stuff…thanks…roger dean is one talented fella me thinks…
well i got idea from a render of a tendril someone did on here (i forget who…peter i think)…its supposed to be organic looking…plant looking but more active than a plant…its currently spinning off seed pods which are exploring the alieneque world of strange…heh heh…so youre pretty close really.

stu: thanks bud…i’m just playing around with geometry at moment…some good tips though…i’m kinda curious what you guys thing…similar geometry or entirely new geometry…i have some other pieces i could place in there off in the distance…but don’t want it to get to cluttered and loose any focus on the central part i have…
i like the idea of the cool and warm lighting…i might try something like that…

thanks guys some really good gems in there and funky suggestions i’m using.:thumbsup:


You have many options Flingster :),you can have similar geometry which will look like an organic creature from the same family,or different which will also fit as it will just look like a diffirent type of creature.

It should not get cluttered if you say make more of those cool spline like strands and have them sticking in from angles which will suggest more of the creature out of the camera view,which you dont have to model :smiley: You could also have them coming up from the bottom and maybe down from the top,leaving a kind of tunnel through to the back ground.You could also add fluid of some description which allows you to use reflection which is like having even more geometry again as its reflected.



haven’t read through all the threads :blush: , but just wanted to say I actually quite like it as it is :thumbsup:


heh heh…
its tricky…for sure…now you see why i was having problems with it…i’m trying some of the stuff you guys mentioned…and will then adapt it and see what happens i guess…there comes a time when you can mess about with it to much and make it worse…but sometimes that extra effort can really pay off…i guess we’ll see how i get on.

in reality people are saying the same things in some way…
create more depth…through lighting and geometry and dof…
or leave it alone
so i’m gonna give them a whirls and see what gets chucked out the other side…nothing to loose as i still have the old version anyways.
thanks again.:thumbsup: