Stuck on vertex map driven Redshift solution


Hey guys

So I’m trying to set up a system of animating scraping cartilage off of bone as I have several bones to animated doing this to. Delicious, I know. For flexibility, I’d like to be able to use a vertex map to drive the scraping away so I can just paint where the scraper object is on the bone. I have the animated scraping and everything worked out with a vertex map controlling where the cartilage is on the bone. Right now the edges of the cartilage is really soft and blocky because of the mesh resolution. Is there a way to keep the mesh resolution while giving the edges of the vertex map where I paint sharper detail when rendered? Can I layer the vertex map in a Redshift node with a noise somehow to give me higher detail? My brain is stopped on this at the moment, attached is shots of where I’m at and happy to drop a simplified version of what I have if someone has any ideas. Gotta go breathe some fresh air for a few minutes :).

Thanks guys!