Stuck on a landscape painting



So I’m a bit stuck on this one. The idea is that the gal is driving through the desert, has come across a guide marker and is taking a little break, checking her sniper rifle etc. Some elements of the image are working but I have some issues with the big ‘guide marker’ rock, the shapes doesn’t quite fit perhaps? What do people think?


I think the biggest problem is clarity. The details are busy, there’s no clear lighting and you’re not communicating the story very well.

Try simplifying things. Find a coherent shape language that support the story and mood. I would suggest building the image around diagonals and verticals. Push the light and value to get more clarity and support the story. For example, put the woman in higher contrast to highlight the story around her.


I would work more on the girl and her pose. It does look like (no offense intended) that the story is she was driving, stoped, got out of the car, checked her rifle, stood still and took a photo. Thats because she doesn’t look like she’s caught in the action of doing something else, but rather standing still looking into the camera.
Maybe the pose would be better if she had a rifle in her hands rather than bagand (somehow) interacted more with the stone(atleast eye contact wise).
Just my thoughts, anyways nice picture, keep up the good work.


Yes i agree with Kazkas opinion i think the girl need to give some action in the painting so it give little story a bit not just standing there.
And i have some idea to the stone, maybe give it little bit of depth and perspective like it still far away from the road
I hope it helps you in the finishing your painting ^^


Thanks for the advice guys it’good to know what you think, I’ll post an update later on this week.