Stryker Troop Transport


I have had this model for a while that I built in Rhino and just now imported it into max. I want to use it to learn how to make my own materials. In the past I have always used car paints and basic materials. With this project I hope to learn in photoshop how to make realistic materials including damage marks, dirty areas, wear, etc…

Here is a rendering with a default material to show before I get started. I left the wheels/tires off to save some rendering time.


Here is my first attempt… I started making an image to slap on the side using paint shop pro. Its easier than I thought it would be and I think so far its looking pretty good.


A little progress… Added some more dirt and put some footprint trails on the top similar to those I found in some reference photos


yeeeeeeess, this is good! really cool details,i like the look!
awaiting the tire!

keep on work!


I know you are focusing on materials right now, but I think it would be really cool to add a turret of some sort to the top or side of the vehicle. Troop transports need some type of gunner for protection. It’s looking quite nice so far. Not to shabby on the texturing.


yea I know… you can see a small platform in front of the top-mid hatch. There is supposed to be a gun mounted there. Either a standard .50 cal browning type or the strykers can also have a robotic machine gun/grenade launcher operated from inside with cameras mounted on the gun. Pretty cool, but not too many in use yet because of armor problems.


I put the wheels on… Im having serious issues with file size/memory. I can render the top half fine but when I add the wheels my file size goes to almost 90mb!!! When I try and render I run out of memory and max shuts off. I wish I was better at modeling in MAX cause it do the tires in MAX and prolly solve my problem.

Its the import from rhino thats killin me.

But anyway, here are the wheels… They need to be dirtier but I may just scrap this project since im having so much trouble with file size/rendering… Very frustrating.


the latest


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