Stronghold, Dmitry Dubinsky (2D)


Title: Stronghold
Name: Dmitry Dubinsky
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

That is the first stronghold on unsubdued planet. Something like ‘first step of colonization’. Firstly i planed that art as a matte, but as a result only rock remained as a photo


Reminds me of Delicate Arch in Utah. You’ve cut it in half! :smiley: Love the color, the angle, and most of all the sky. I’m a sucker for great clouds. Good luck here!


Very nice concept i like the composition!


Fantastic work! I love the style and composition, the lighting and color are really beautiful :thumbsup:


Great stuff! I just love the sci-fi feel to it :slight_smile:


Nice image, looks like old school matte painting :thumbsup: like it


it’s a very distinct hyperfuture concept!
the hightech building is really fantastic
ahh… and the sky also… very inspiring!

congrats Dmitry!


I love the retro feeling you managed to capture here - the colour palette and design really harkens to a classic era of science fiction artwork that I have always really enjoyed. I do think you could have incorporated the rock photo a little more into the image, as there is a noticeable contrast between your own painting and the photo (the black details, in particular, should have been removed or recoloured), but despite this, I think the image still works quite nicely. I really love your use of the pale pinks and purples in the sky, set against the stronger tones of the foreground. Your design reminds me a little of some of the stuff in the last Star Trek film, which had great art direction, so that’s a good thing.

A bit more work would have improved this, and perhaps you may still decide to work on the rock a little more, but I like your piece anyway simply because of the classic retro feel. I can totally imagine this as a cover to a 1950’s sci fi epic that no-one has ever heard of.


Wonderful work! I really enjoy the mood and environment. Can I get this as a print for my wall?


Very cool. I dig the colours. Reminds me a little of cloud city with the rounded forms.


Gosh that is beautiful, the subtle shift in tones in the sky is just gorgeous, awesome fluffy clouds. Well done!!


Epic sky and composition, only the rock seems a bit out of scale, it might need smaller details to appear bigger next to the building.
Great work!


Great atmosphere, literally and figuratively :slight_smile: Love the clouds. The one thing that bothers me is the photo look of the rock of this great painted background. But this is just me. Wonderful work !


brilliant piece of work. fine mood.


Thanx for comments, especially to Leigh for the developed criticism. I agree that i should to repaint rock, it’s really too contrasts with foreground. What about clouds - i inspired by some sky art, on which i come across while searched for cloud references. And it was like a challenge for me.
Generally it’s very unexpected to get an award here. Thanks everybody again)


Reminds me the book of DUNE


Congratz ! I really feel the deepness in your illustration, I love the color choice and the details. Clouds are painted with a lot of talent.


Love the mood and the paint feeling.
Well done.


Wow! This piece has the colonization spirit within. Reminds me Stanislav Lem’s Invincible. Congrats!


Hi, I’ll second Leigh’s thoughts (if that’s ok). I also would like to say the foreground of the rocks seem to scale to large or maybe it is the rock(photo?) is so close that the painted parts scale doesn’t correspond with the rocks details…

Otherwise I love the way you worked the background and atmosphere… I can imagine coming over a ridge on this distant world, the wind blowing grit in my face, my mouth dry from the lack of moisture, I find myself stopping to stand still and look in awe at the size of the stronghold and how it stands majestically next to the worlds and clouds in the sky…

Last item…so does this Stronghold have a pub? My imagine has walked a long ways in your world and I find myself quite thirsty at the moment…:slight_smile: