Striving for perfection: Female Model


Hi, this is a model I’ve been trying to perfect for a while. Anyways feel free to help me out and point out the mistakes and tell me how to correct it. I’m trying to get it realistic so point out proportion problems and tell me if my edge looping is wrong in places. I’m really striving for perfection so yeah point out any thing you find weird. I used import models as references and that model in the anatomy page. (Not the Japanese ones) so she’s somewhere from petite to import model body. I want to focus on the chest and torso and pelvic area. I
would like some input on the other areas but I will be focusing on the body until its perfect. Then I’ll move on to the head then the other parts of the body depending on what you guys feel should be critiqued next.Feel free to draw on the jpgs to show me how I should fix things. Oh yeah I’m working in all quads. Yeah the head seems pretty big so a little help in fixing that too. If you want a close up on area you want to help me out in just ask.


she seems somehow small and underdeveloped like a child. I would make her taller in her torso.


sorry for two posts but she is also too skinny just above the hips. Give her room for her kineys and you model might be able to breathe


That’s a good start. The topology looks pretty good. You might want to take a look at some reference images. The shape of the torso and hips don’t look right. Also the collar bone is too sharp. Also the head seems too large or the arms are too thin.


Yeah, actually i have been using the image at in the anatomy book area. Thats actually the closest model proportions i was going for. I’m trying to go for a little bit more petite girl though. If anybody can hook me up with some good reference images, that would be cool. For reference i have also been using none orthagraphic photos of import models but its pretty hard modeling something thats not orthographic. I also tried using those small free Aneta jpegs at but Aneta’s bending back too much. I guess i should just start off just using that reference and shape the proportions to how i would like it later.


Here fixed some of the proportions. I still dont feel right bout stuff. I dont know if its the head or something.


Heres the side view.



The structure of her head is WAAAAY off. Probably your backdrop image is too lo-res- there’s not enough detail for you to model correctly. Find (or draw) higher-res backdrops, and build her a new head.

Look at your own head in a mirror as you work. It will also help if you have a model of a human head (or skull) to use as reference- a lot of the structure of the head is not really apparent in front and side views.

Good luck.



The legs and arms still appear too skinny. Maybe the legs are too short as well. Something isn’t right.The body looks good from the side until you get to the head. It’s too far back. The slope from breast to clavicle is too deep. I think that will help.


the legs seem to be too skinny


Changed a few things. If anybody wants a close up of a part to critque just holla back. Also about the legs being too thin. Is it the whole leg or just at the ankles? Also is my head looking better? Is my looping alright. Like be specific on the critiques everyone. It helps me understand my faults more. So is the body good? Oh and what did you mean by the chest to clavicle was too deep. Do i need more of an angle or should it be more straight up and down. I noticed that models that do orthos bend back too much so i tried to compensate but correct me if im wrong.


The legs are looking alot better. The arms still look too thin from the front view. I marked the area I was talking about in the attached file. The neck is just too far back.


Either her feet are really big or her legs are really small. They dont look balanced to me. Try scaliing one or the other. Keep the updates coming!



Yeah the feet were big. i just noticed last night after trying to fix up the face.Im gonna work on the feet intensively later on but i shrunk it down just to form its base size.

Anyways i was also told by a friend that her pelvis is too low so i raised that up. so far i just work in perspective view because working in those orthos seem to throw me off. I use actual photos for my image planes but i guess as long as theres perspective it wont be completely correct. For reference i used some pics in the barenaked gallery for the body and for the face im using this import model lilly nguyen. Here’s some updates: You may now return to tearing this thing apart.


i think the neck is too long and the head is too small

the breasts should maybe be a little closer together


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