StretchMesh Open Source?


Kickstand has supported StretchMesh as a commercial product up to Maya 2011 and is now interested in releasing the code as open source. We would like to get a sense from the community of the level of interest in a fund raising campaign to support the release of the source code. Individual donations would be collected ($20 or so) and a target amount would be specified. If you’ve used StretchMesh and found it to be a valuable tool, speak up and share your experience! If you’ve never used it, feel free to download an evaluation copy here:

StretchMesh is a plug-in for Maya which gives geometry an inherently stretchy characteristic. As geometry is deformed using native Maya deformers or other plug-ins, StretchMesh gives the geometry an inherently stretchy quality similar to skin by preserving the initial relationship between the vertices. Collision objects can be added to simulate the underlying anatomy over which the skin slides. A “stiffness” map can be painted to accomodate areas where stretchiness is not desired. More information can be found here:


I’ve not used StretchMesh, but I’ve heard great things about it (Keith Lango likes it which is good enough for me). I’m reluctant to rely too much on 3rd party plugins for my work though as it becomes a hassle chasing updates and getting updated serials when you upgrade to a new version of Maya (at least that’s how it works with another package I use, I’ve not bought any plugins for Maya yet).

The other side of it is if working on rigs for others to use it means they have to have access to the plugin too, so open source is definitely appealing for me. I’d be happy to donate $20 to help this happen but I’m really hoping it would mean there would be versions available that will work in Maya 2012 on both PC and Mac.



I would definately donate.

Stretchmesh is an amazing plugin. I evaluated it when in V1 on the characters in my short film. It was a sad day when the evaluation ran out. I’ve had to jump through hoops to get deformations even close to what stretchmesh gave me in minutes.

Would be great to throw this on my characters before I start rendering on my film. Hope this gets a good response from the community.


I would love to give it a try but as I can see right now is just for Maya 2011 … there is a 2012 version maybe?

I’ve heard good things about it … if you end up going for it … I also will donate for the cause…


I’d definitely donate to the cause. Would love to see how people expand an implement the source code into new tools!


Wow… just wow… StretchMesh is the must have plugin for everybody interested in character animation so I’m sure you’ll get the support needed. I can’t understand how ADSK aquires so much crap and doesn’t notice technologies like these. Of course it’s much better to get access to it as opensource tech, I hope you exceed your goal for the funding. THX for this huge generosity! :beer:


Count me in! I’ve been anxiously waiting for the Maya 2012 version.



This is a great plug-in, messed around with the trial. Makes painting skin weights a much more tolerable process among other things.


Hi SePu - Maya 2011 is the latest version currently supported. If we reach our fundraising goal, the community can take the source code and create versions for Maya 2012 and beyond.


Count me in; Stretchmesh is great!

My only disappointment lies with Kickstand’s inactivity… it was frustrating as a paying customer to feel like my investment was becoming useless (and difficult/impossible to share rigs with other animators). Going open source is a generous solution and hopefully it will inspire further development – or at minimum, allow the plugin to live into the future. I’m willing to learn plugin compiling and maybe even studios like Anzovin would consider integrating the code (depending on the license you choose) into plugins like their upcoming rigging tools. Thanks for sharing the idea, and hopefully there is enough support to make this happen.


I’d donate at least $20 for a 2012 version.

How about starting a kickstarter page?


Quoted for agreement! But that doesn’t change my willingness to contribute to the cause.



Stretchmesh is great, and I’d hope it survives and lands on Maya 2012 and beyond


I evaluated stretchmesh a while back and it works great and with such ease it’s kind of surprising autodesk hasn’t bought it like so many other pieces of indie software.

Not to get off topic, but while I have your attention is there any future for openPipeline or has your steampipe project made is completely obsolete? I use openPipeline for every project we do as well as using it to maintain an asset library and would hate to see it die…


I agree, I would donate $20. But again, I am also using 2012 and wouldn’t have a clue how to make it work in 2012. I know some code was deprecated in 2012 from 2011, so it may be a bit challenging to get it to go. I am sure there are a few of you out there who would love to get there hands on this! I’m in…


Wow!! Stretchmesh is VERY COOL, I would donate for it. I always wished it was just part of Maya, and secretly hoped autodesk would buy it out :slight_smile:


any news for Maya 2012 ?


Hi SGIFreak,

When the source code is released, the community can compile versions for Maya 2012 and beyond.


never used it but looks very nice, would donate at least 20$!!!


Sounds awesome! Count me in.