Stretching Soft Bodies with geometry


Im after an effect like this,

where a soft body is deformed by various influence object from behind, like they are trying to push thru, the soft body needs to be quite elastic and return to its intial state if nothing is acting on it.
I’ve tested out a few things and would like some suggestions on a different technique or tutes people have seen
thanks Brendon


Here is how I would do it (with softbodies):

  • Model the bag. Polys or Nurbs, doesn’t really matter as long as the side that the effect will take place is pretty dense with small squareshaped faces/spans.

  • Make a softbody out of the bag/side of the bag (Duplicate, make copy soft). It might be good to have the general goal weight of 1 as well as the goalPP of all the particles of the edges of the bag and change the goalPP of the other particles to a lower value (so the bag keeps it’s shape).

  • Create springs between the particles of the SB. (play with the stiffnes).

  • Select the animated face (or whathever you’ll use for this FX) and make it collide with the particles of your SB. (resilience=0, play with the friction… guess about .2)

  • I would also tone down the conserve of the particles to about .7 so it doesn’t jiggle.

The higher the goalPP = the faster the bag takes its original shape.
The higher the stiffness of the springs = the thicker the paper will look.

Good luck!

(but I think this would be a lot faster with an animated texture as a displacement map)


Hey thanks, I’d done nearly the same thing with a rigid colliding with a soft body but has some problems with it, it dont know why i didn’t think to do it this way to start with :slight_smile:
It has to be with geometry because I’m experimenting with this for a real-time technique, so the displacement could appear anywhere on the wall, and I never have much luck with making nice accurate displacement maps-- do you know any good tutes?
thanks again Brendon


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