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I’ll spare you the long words. I just tell you how I am and what I did there

I am a 40 year old male with a wife and two kids. This project took me almost 6 years to complete it on a 10 hours per week base.

I started as an total amateur without any formal knowledge of animation/3D animation, storytelling, editing, music etc. Since the project had a budget of 0,00€ I could not afford any formal lecuture and thats quite obvious in some parts of the movie. However, I was always realistic enough about the quality I could produce and I’ve never had the ambition to do something “professional.”

I admit that the whole effort was quite crazy but, finally, I managed to finsih that project and I am proud to be able to show it now.Any kind of critique is welcome of course (I mean, someone who pulls something like -that- off must have taken lot’s of crituque before).

I would apreciate any advice where else it could be postet/promoted. Who might apreciate a movie like this one.

One last word. I started a new project ( and I would like to know if there is anybody willing to give me (online or in-wich-way-ever) a few formal lessons regarding character animation and facial animation.

Well here it is:

VIMEO (my favourite)

or YOUTUBE (part 01 of 10)

Thanks for your time and be well!


First of all, Congratulations for taking to the end such a huge project. It must have taken a lot of effort, stubbornness to learn the tools and the way to make a movie. I truly admire your effort!

Now here comes the critique:
I could talk about the quality of the CG, the animation , camera movements, lighting etc. and tell you how low quality they are. But for somebody who had no previous experience in the field i think it’s not bad. Anyway, visuals are to help us to be immersed more into the story and that is what we need to talk about.

The story is very broken, hard to follow the action builds up slowly and the conversation is well how to say it... "YEP" it's crude, especially for gods, for highly intelligent creatures. 
The characters a just as crude, they don't evolve in front of us, we don't discover their real feelings and their roots. We are merely told about the reasons behind their actions, so its very hard to relate to them, feel their suffering and their struggle. 

I had to watch the explanations at the end so i can understand the movie better, and make the conection between the characters presented at the beginning the mythological , god like creatures.
A good story dose not need explanations!

The truth is that you can make a good movie(acceptable) if you have good visuals but bad story, or if you have bad visuals but an entertaining story. But in our case both of them fail, and the worst part is that the movie is roughly 90 minutes, its awfully long for what it has to offer. 

But all this is just my opinion, and should not scare away from making the sequels. I still admire you for the effort to take something like this from start to finish and i bet you learned a lot from it, so use them wisely and i wish you luck for your future works.


Hi, sanyilajos!

First of all I want to thank you that you really took the time and effort to go thru the whole thing!

It’s very polite of you that you did not mention all of the gazillions in the visuals.
In a way that movie is the best I could do with what I was able to put together over the years. And if I am looking back at the moment I started that thing, it is still a miracle that it came as far as it is “finished” by now. “Streifen” is the best movie I could make of it.

Storytelling is indeed a very hard issue. Tough I found it very interesting how ambivalent the reactions to the so-called appendix has been. Some ppl really liked it. Others, like you, didnt. Personally I thought it might be a good idea to give that info away so that the backgroundinfo is not totally wasted.

Anyway, I do apreciate the time you putted into that and your honest opinion. Especially that you do not discourage me to do something -that- stupid again. :wink:

Be well!


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