Street of Memories, Marek Denko (3D)


beautifull render!!!


froooooooonttt paaaaaaaaageee!!! 5 stars… Un-fricking-believable… Congratulations on a most incredable image. would have taken me years.


Another great image from 263films company in Milano.

Guys you are very great. all of you!



That looks rael!
Greate job!


Fantastic work

congratulation 5*


Just amazing! Great job.


certainly a masterpiece . good luck


flawless my friend, you rule the CG world;)
no comments, no criticism… just 5 stars and a huge bow to you;)
great work, really amazing! thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us

as I said before, I’m not writing to the non-vehicle threads, but this one is just awesome man, absolutely stunning… once again, thank you!

my greetings for your wife and you from me and my family;) Mishko would said:“dude,denko rocks” if he can speak and see this image;)

once again, awesome and congratulations to incoming next CG award;)


Great compose! Looks like real!


Great work !!!


…It makes me think, what am I doing here, really, really nice, inspireing work, you raised the bar!!! Fantastic


This is an amazing piece! That road and the water is fantastic. You have really captured that early morning feel. I hope you do show us a ‘making of’ or at least some wires. I think it deserves front page too. :smiley:


very nice work. I love light and the mood and it looks very realistic.


Holy Blurred Reflections Batman!



Iam speechless…congratulation 5*+5*…


Man that is a photo. I want to see a wireframe ahhaah

good work m8 5 stars from me


Yes, I am really feeling like good color


This is utterly insane photorealistic work, my friend. Although the subject matter it is not really my cup of tea I think you have set some new standards here. I would really appreciate it, and I think others would too, if you would write a tutorial or ‘making of’ for us simple mortals (in return I give you *****!)


Yes, I am really feeling like good color


Amazing work dude. I have the exact same trams in my home town. :sad:…great displacement and render.