Street, Morteza Ramezani (3D)


Title: Street

Name: Morteza Ramezani

I really hope you enjoy it . I do appreciate your nice comment in advance .


Very nice work. A lot of nice details. Great looking cars.

2 things could be improved.

In the 2nd image, the DOF doesn’t quite look photographed and also messes with the perceived scale of the scene. The DOF causes a miniaturization effect.

The 3rd image almost looks photographed, except for the CG-rendered looking road texture with the light falling on it. I would work a bit on the road surface - perhaps a little displacement, a little change to the bump mapping settings. You could also try applying some unsharp-masking in Photoshop to get a crisper, sharper look there. The soft anti-aliasing and texture filtering doesn’t work in your favor there.

Very beautiful overall though. Well done.