Street Fighter Character - Yun - crits please



This is my first 2D post here (or anywhere, come to think of it). Haven’t really tried to do any 2D works for ages anyway, so I’m getting myself to practice drawing recently.

One of the artists who inspired me to focus more on 2D is Hyung-Tae Kim, known to many for his fantastic concept arts for Magna Carta. Although I had his kind of stroke in mind while doing this one, I think I’m not getting anything near that.

Enough chit chat, here’s the image. Comments and critiques are highly welcome and appreciated! Thanks!

Oh I forgot, done completely digitally using Photoshop and a Wacom - not good enough yet to live without Ctrl-Z…


wow i like this :smiley: , the pose looks really fitting to the style,

2 little crits, the foot to the right of the picture might be a little to blurred compared to the rest of the image, but that could be dissmissed for shadow so thats more personal taste, and the front of his tunic seems very stiff at the base, especially compared to the rest of it.


heheh, his face looks a bit like yours :slight_smile:

Great Image! I would maybe add some red tones in the skin shadows. Also, I would add some highlights, too

Oh and I agree with that tonic thing


nice! good to see some SF fanart on here. I think the pic looks good, but the feet could use some more definition/details. Good chooice too, Yun is one of my most used characters :slight_smile:


haha! Yun & Yang are 2 of my favourite sf characters! Nice to see art of Yun (there’s so little around). my crit would be: could you make him look cuter? :smiley:


very nice i never knew that you can draw this good :slight_smile:


Jackie Chan @.@’
Anyway, nice one… I never really played the SF games very much so I can’t say I recall this guy.
The drawing is nice, very actually. I don’t really have anything to criticize, keep it up. :thumbsup:


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