Street Cop, Mashru Mishu (3D)


Very nice. Love the cloth work on the high res especially.
Glad to see you finally came to your senses and dumped zbrush in favour of mudbox :wink:


Congrats on the fp mashru, well deserved. :slight_smile:


Great work.


Awesome! Beautiful sculpt and well textured:) I love how the holster pulls the shirt wrinkles down on his left shoulder. Great work mashru!


Congats! very well done character - i saw eilier unfinished version( greate modeling!)
Keep it up!


congrats on the plug. well deserved.



well, that’s pretty weird cop :slight_smile:
nice and clean model, proportions and textures as well :thumbsup:


wow!! really amazing work buddy!

Alex Oliver


Very impressive! 5*

I love the style


this is amazing


This is one truly solid model and more…! :slight_smile:

I really like the proportions on the guy…looks tough but elegant at the same time…

Really deserved top row…:thumbsup:


Really good work. Nice job on the normal maps and texturing. Makes very nice next gen game asset.


Excellent job super detail


Great modeling and texturing. The normal map translated really well to the in game model as well :thumbsup:


Master piece ! Respect !



wow,gr8 work


very good model and textures!!!


nice work! I really like the high poly sculpt! :slight_smile:


Amazing work on the clothes especially, rest of the model is obviously great too.


great that you finished it finally :slight_smile: great final result!