Street Cop, Mashru Mishu (3D)


Title: Street Cop
Name: Mashru Mishu
Country: USA
Software: Maya, Photoshop

This is a character I sculpted a while ago but recently made a realtime version of it with normal maps, color map and specular map. Mudbox was used for sculpting the high poly, topogun and maya for creating the low poly, xnormal for generating normal maps and AO maps and photoshop to texture it. The color maps is hand painted, no photo sources used.

Recently I made a small workflow tutorial at the AREA:


solid work. love the detail on it even the liter or cigaret pack in a pocket.


Wow, beautiful! I love it!


Is it possible to see the highpoly model would really be keen to see it.


thanks all!

the high poly and wireframes are posted in my cgs portfolio but here it is anyways:





Lovely work.

I remember seeing the sculpted version of this guy. Also there’s a fat maifa isn’t it with a shotgun. Brilliant details.

You were the one who inspired me to download mudbox and get sculpting…I am afraid I think my skills aren’t much in human modeling cause I really am not getting ahead with my mouse and mudbox. :wink:

But anyways, really good work. Excellent details both on the high and low versions. Mainly the textures are very nice. 5 starts !!


this is a masterpiece man! you sooo own this field!
thanks im inspired again


OMG! Very nice my friend thanks for posting them up! Love that highpoly model great work.


oh, dude…well done. :applause:


Yeahhh, thats a great model!!!, very well done!


very good model I like a textures cool job:cool:


i love this model
awesome work !!
ps. hahaha he have a great shirt, very styling hahaha :applause:

looking for new models form You :slight_smile:


This is awesome! At the first glance I could not detect that it was a Character for realtime engines. Really cool textures, normals and model in general. I love it.


This is awesome dude! Nicelly done! Great anatomy and pose!

Popular Art Work on CGportfolio and Front page, for sure!


This work is aaaawesome ! :cool: As the sculpting than the painting is great…



hey mashru!

-great seeing this one textured. think it looks amazing.
keep em coming, buddy.



awesome work!

I’m just curious, how much time did it take you, the modeling and texturing all together?



@fernando - i worked on this on and off but if i add up the time it probably took me somewhere between 2-3 weeks for the modeling and another week for the texturing.


awesome to see the textured version. great sculpting work on this, very tight work.


Fantastic :thumbsup: