streak tails


Is there a way through parenting or turning off a condition on streak particles to remove the tail translation from world space.

What i mean here is say i have a streak travelling down a surface using a ramp on the goalU pointing down x but the object that the surface is parented to is travelling in -y. The tail of the streak calculates into y not into x.

Pretty sure this is a limitation of the streak type but id be very interested if someone knows of a workaround for this problem.



Hi mandark,
The tail of the streak will be opposite to the direction of the particle velocity. Though the particle move in x-axis with respect to surface, as the object moves in -y, the direction of velocity will be more in -y (say <<11.35, -112.95. 0.00>>)

     Hide the original particles. Add another particle in the scene, use the same emitter and same lifespan. instead of adding goal, use this before dynamics expression...
particleShape2.position = particleShape1.position;
     particleShape2.velocity = <<1,0,0>>;
 now the particleShape2 will move along with particleShape1, but will have the tail in -x direction. If u still want to change the tail direction, set the particle velocity to negative vector of that direction.
 good luck


Great Thank you so much


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