Strange World, Josh Mcgraw (3D)


Title: Strange World
Name: Josh Mcgraw
Country: USA
Software: Maya, Photoshop


This project took me about 2 months. I have gone through many changes along the way.

To see the wip go here.

I have also done a few clips of this project. Here is one of the better clip.

Test Drive (Amine style)
QT, 4 MB

Well for the final render I had to use maya software render, as I was using mental ray but I ran low on ram, do to huge scene (140MB) :frowning: Mental ray render my scene with an outline.

I hope you like it.

C&C are welcome!

>> Hi resolution image <<


It turned out good, I watched your WIP and you have made tonnes of progress on this scene from the first renders you showed. I liked the half toon half real rendering you used in your WIP. everything went together nicely. good work:thumbsup:


Hey thanks for replying werd:)

Yeah I really like the 2d 3d look to, but mental ray keeps crashing half way through the render, do to low ram:( Any ways this was a fun project, and hope to make the next scene/project even better:)


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