Strange things are happening...


Hey guys.

I was just wondering if anyone else was having the same problem as I am.

When I go to the 2d hosted gallery, and the images are loading, they seem to stop on one specific image. Afterwards they no longer load at all no matter the website I go. I have to restart IE all together.

I thought it was just this one computer, but I went to another and it did the same thing. However it works just fine on my laptop…

Since it was only happening on one image in the 2d gallery I let it go and the image soon moved off the first page. But now it’s doing to another image. Any ideas as to why on that specific image (or two) only in CGTalk?


hey your not alone, weird parts of the site dont load correctly for me. It happens to me on almost all the sections of the site, but mainly on the hosted galleries. Just as I was about to reply to this thread I spent about 8 minutes looking for the reply button only to find out the page wasn’t loading completely including the reply button. :frowning: weird.


I’ve just started noticing similar circumstances… also there are certain members who’s posts I can’t see (similar to the gmask phenomenon a few weeks ago) nor can I do a search for all posts by this member in their profiles.

Mozilla Firefox, WinXPpro


Dude, this is creepy…

Gremlins are attacking CGTalk!


I bet all you guys who are having issues with the images are on WinIE?

I reckon we had a similar problem at one point with the Ballistic system, it was because TIFF and JPEG can hold extra data in them (eg EXIF stuff), and IE’s JPEG renderer occasionally hangs on it.

One of the changes I made yesterday will probably fix it; re-report it if it’s still happening in another week. (Well… since threads move based on posts, it may actually take a little longer… all of the images which should be fine will have the “new-style” copyright banner, where we tack the copyright info below the image instead of on the corner).


Still having the same problems. Admittedly on IE.

In the Finished 3D forums, I can see all of the thumbnails, but when
I go into a specific thread I can’t load any of the images.

Worse, this continues after I leave CGTalk and goto external webpages.
Suddenly can’t view images anymore and have to close the browser.

I thought it was my system… glad to know it’s not just me ! :wink:



Can anything be done about this ?

At the moment its no more CGTALK for me because, when this happens my browser is stuffed from that point on and I continually need to restart either my browser, or the
box altogether…

Only seems to be an issue once I’ve clicked on a thread in oen of the hosted image forums… but, hey, that’s why I’m here !? :wink:

suffering withdrawal,


Like I said, it should sort itself out now, once the images that are “odd” scroll away… that is, of course, providing that (1) that is the problem, and (2) our recent changes indeed fix the problem.

If you can point me at a problematic thumbnail or thread, I can look further into it…


I sort of have a similar problem. About 70 % of my visits to cgtalk end after visiting three pages. Then jpg’s and gifs no longer load, just text.

I got to reply to this thread by clicking in a void checking the link info connected to my cursor position since the reply button did not show anymore.

But after leaving cgtalk that problem is gone again.
Everybody I spoke to in Holland who visit cgtalk have similar problems.

I hope it’s something that can be sorted, since it gets very demotivating after a while. Especially if I did get to see that nice thumbnail, but no images load on the page the thumbnail linked to. :wink:


Can everyone with problems please post:

  • Browser version (eg. IE 5.5, IE 6.0, Mozilla 1.7)
  • OS (eg. Mac OS9, Win2k, WinXP, Win98)

Or just use a Real Browser, not some flunky thing you got free with your OS :wink:


Hi Mibus,

Sorry if I came on a little strong… but its like UnlikelyCorny said, it’s disheartening when you see a really cool thumbnail in the Finished projects section and then the images won’t load when you go to the thread… and nothing will load from that point on… after a while you just say to hell with it.

As far as pointing you to a specific thread… For me this was occurring any time I went into a thread in the Finished projects section, but the one thing I’ve noticed is that this doesn’t occur if I go straight to the WIP sections.

However, once it happens, my browser (IE) won’t load images on any page anywhere.

Env: Win2K, IE5.5



I have two windows XP machines running explorer 6 and 6.1. The machines are on two different locations with two different fast adsl connections.

It doesn’t seem to be connected to any particular thread, but always occurs in the new hosted gallery section. After that pictures on the entire cgtalk site no longer show, but no problems in any of the other websites visited.


Or just use a Real Browser, not some flunky thing you got free with your OS
before say something like this… you should check yourself… if you’re a real web developer… try to see if on your back you have a label with wrote ‘approved’… problems dude … happen all the day, but your answer is not really professional… I always used ie and never occurred something like this. :stuck_out_tongue:



I want to iterate that we believe to have solved this issue. It is a bug with the way IE handles JPG headers that causes it to load broken links after 50 or so images - which seems consistent in the posts above in that users are browsing through three or so pages before the browser craps out - even after browsing away from CGTalk.

We have changed the way our system generates the thumbnails and resamples the images. What this means is that the newer images will work fine, while the older images still contain potentially problematic headers. Theoretically, because the old images will go into archives rarely accessed, the problem will go away.

So while we are expecting that the problem will go away after a while, we are also keeping a close eye on the situation. If you have any further problems, please post in the support forum. It is extremely difficult to replicate this problem as no-one in the office here has any issues, and we have not heard complaints from that many people at all.



(oh here’s another Win IE bug. If your internet cache is full, you can’t view source of a page, and every image that you try to save won’t let you save in anything except BMP)


Originally posted by Mibus:…g?msg_id=003j8d

It’s apparently a widely-known problem with the browser.

New uploads are fixed, a fix for current images will be done shortly.



This problem has now been fixed by Rob.

The additional header information that Photoshop and other image editing applications add creates a widely-known problem with Internet Explorer, as documented here:…g?msg_id=003j8d

It is a problem with the browser. Not CGTalk. We have implemented a method of stripping all incoming images of the XML data.

In future, I would appreciate it if users could exercise more understanding in requesting support, rather than flaming and harassing our staff. It is a waste of your time, and ours - which can be better spent solving the problem. One member was removed from this site as a result of the unecessary and rude harassment towards the admins.