Strange problem (over flipping)



I’m new to motionbuilder but not to CGI. I have a very strange problem.
It’s kinda hard to explain so I made a video. It seems like arms of my character are flipped over or something. Now when I add any new key to any part of character, arms move and flip over again. It happened to me during this animation several times and somehow I fixed it (I don’t even know how) but now I can’t do anything. It’s driving me crazy.

Don’t mind the animation. It’s not finished of course.
LD -
HD -

Thank you for any help. I’m desperate.


I`ve never seen anything like this.

Do you have everything in place in Character Definition?

First I wanted to suggest pinning the hands, but then I saw how it destroys the whole animation. Strange, I have no idea what`s goin on, sorry :confused:


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