strange polygon problem


I got this polygon problem in the middle of my modeling. It was’nt like that from the start, so my question is, what made it go like that?

When i smooth the area i get this edge around the effected polygons(see picture)
And the wire is more highlighted in black than the rest, but the same amount of polygons.



Just a guess, but maybe there is an open edge or unwelded vertice in that area (?)

You could probably mask the area and check it in Z. Otherwise bring it into your modelling program and check it there.

I’m a newbie to Z, so I can only make guesses. (Hopefully helpful ones)

Good luck


Thanks for your input ETCHA-SKETCH but no, I have allready tried that and the mesh looks fine…
But i noticed a strange behavior everytime i divide the mesh. In exactly that area there will be a mask that i have’nt made… This is somewhat annoying :stuck_out_tongue:



Modelled outside of zbrush or modelled with topologytool?

If its any other software, like maya, id try cleanup.
If its made with topology tool it could be a tiny mistake you made, I have learnt to look carefully for those. When you welded together the last horizontal split (right in the middle of the problem area) it is possible that the snap in zbrush fooled you and didnt merge with the vertical edge, but actually created a new loose vertice.

Its just a thought how it could have happened, because if that is the case, I have no idea how to fix it anyway:( except going back to the retopo model and delete and remake that area.

(if theres a duplicate co-planar face you could actually try to mask it and polygroup it with “visibility group”, the splitfeature in the subtools would be able to make that broken face a subtool of its own)



Its modelled in maya. So there should’nt be any problems with it modelwise, thats what confuces the hell out of me… And I still find it strange that Zbrush wants to mask that area when I go up or down in subd. Maybe its just a bug in the program :stuck_out_tongue:


it looks as if its been locally subdivided or something… you could take a reasonably hi res version of the model into your 3d app and fix the offending area then bring back to ZB and reconstruct subdivisions… If I was serious about going further with the mesh that would be my next step

Good luck


DaddyMack: Yeah it does does’nt it? Very strange… :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah I’v been thinking to do a export/import to solve the problem. I just tought it would be better if I could fix it in Zbrush or atleast find out what caused it so that if it happens again I could correct it.



The reason you get the appearance of a edge around the polygons is simple enough.
You have a mask applied to that polygon.
So when you try smoothing the model the masked area is uneffected.

To apply a mask in Zbrush 3.1 you hold a control key and drag a area of your model.
To clear a mask go to the Tool pallete and under mask click on clear



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