Strange Particle Instancing question.


what i have here is a simple window with the shatter effect forming individual shards.

I know i could make those shards rigids and make them blow away using fields etc but that method takes too long to compute as i have a LOT of shards.

The solution here (in my mind anyways) is to assign a particle to each shard BUT each particle has to snap to the position of its “mate” shard and not vice versa thus preserving the position of the shards.

After doing this i will control the particles using expressions,fields etc thus making the shards blow away.

The question here is how do i do the above. Ultimately i know that instancing is involved but the above step requires some sort of divine intervention. Please help.


Download the script named “ownShatter”
…that would solve your problem.


Thank you,it is exactly what i was looking for!


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