strange letters when rendering, error...


This is so strange… when I render “current frame” inside Maya with mental ray in this one very important file, instead of the normal text benrath the rendering image “Rendering…” it says something like " Qngthwo…", a combination of letters that doesnt mean nothing at all. then there comes an error sign saying the program has been terminated. Why??? so desperate please help


this sounds really weird. maybe, you won’t find anyone, who was experiencing this problem before. you will have to do some render debugging.
try to do a batch render and watch the verbose messages?
systematically hide some objects and try rendering.
are there textures? what file format?
does the error occur after maya restart (after machine reboot)?

waiting to listen from you…


ps could you provide a scene?


well I restarted and deleted the preferences, let maya create default ones… now evrything is fine. still dont know what had happened tho… thank you a lot for your help


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