Strange freeze


All right…I’ve already posted this issue on two other boards, and I’m hoping I’ll find more help here than I did there. I’m having a strange freeze-up problem while painting in CS2. I have an Intuos3 tablet with up-to-date drivers, and this freeze-up occurs in the middle of a brush stroke. Typically, I’ve been painting for a few minutes, often with this one custom brush I use a lot. Then a stroke will simply stop appearing halfway through. I can still move the cursor at this point, but it disappears if I move it out of the document’s window. On rare occasions, Photoshop will “catch up” with the brush stroke a few minutes later, and everything will be back to normal. But typically I have to close the program by pressing the X at the upper right, losing any work I’ve done since my last save.

I’m running CS2 on a relatively slow Windows XP machine (about 1 GHz! :eek: ), and this problem has become more frequent lately. It used to only occur once in a while, but now it seems to be occurring every time I paint for a few minutes. I’d really like to get it fixed soon so that I can stop disturbing my “creative flow”…

The nice thing about a sheet of paper is that it will never freeze, crash, or perform an illegal operation.


your machine may be underpowered. I tried using PS7 using a PII:eek:, on a large canvas, photoshop will stutter as I paint with my intuos2, the brush strokes lag behind the cursor. sometimes it will only update the stroke on the canvas after I paint it.

If you have multiple Hard Disks or partitions, try setting the scratch disk to a fast and relatively clean drive. Defrag, add more ram etc…

does the problem occur on a small canvas (eg. 800x600) with small brush strokes?


Thanks for the reply. I have a feeling this has to do with my computer’s deficiencies in speed and memory, but I’m not sure.

The problem seems unrelated to brush size, which is strange–sometimes, the freeze occurs while I’m working with a pretty small brush. My canvases rarely get huge; I’ve had the freezing problem even on canvases only a little bigger than what you’re talking about. Weird, huh?

Would the fact that I’ve only got a total of 512 MB of RAM have something to do with it? That’s my gut instinct…


depends on how large the image you’re working on is…512 is bare minumum really.

it could be symptomatic of a hardware problem or a driver issue…tricky to say when your running it under those conditions.

what size image?


Okay, I’ve now had the problem with a 760x660 document when using medium-small brushes…


could be hardware/driver then…or if its just a lag your running out of ram…check your memory figures as your doing the work and see what the scratch is using on your info area.


sounds like, processor speed and memory mostly memory…


lack of memory shouldnt make it crash unless it ran out of scratch as well…but it will make it lag.


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