Strange Encounter - Max 2014


Hey guys, first post here, been at uni a few years now and this is the first time i’ve come to a forum for advice, but this one has stumped me.

I have a scene set up using the new IBL system inside of max, it was all going swimmingly until every piece of geometry i created started self illuminating or glowing or something. I was wondering if anybody else had encountered this or knew of a work around? No matter what texture i apply it seems to glow. The barrels are fine as they were created earlier on before the problems started.

The problem does appear to solve itself if the stems of the darts are attached to the barrels, but as soon as they are detached the problem comes back. Also tried excluding objects from both advanced light calculations and making them invisible to the lights in the scene, which did not fix the problem.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. :shrug:


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